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CreativeApplications.Net [CAN] was launched in October 2008 and is one of today’s most authoritative digital art blogs. The site tirelessly beat reports innovation across the field and catalogues projects, tools and platforms relevant to the intersection of art, media and technology. CAN is also known for uncovering and contextualising noteworthy work featured on the festival and gallery circuit, executed within the commercial realm or developed as academic research. Contributions from key artists and theorists such as Casey Reas, Joshua Noble, Jer Thorp, Paul Prudence, Greg J. Smith, Marius Watz, Matt Pearson as well as CAN’s numerous festival involvements and curation engagements are a testament to it’s vital role within the digital arts world today.

For the last decade CAN’s central objective has been to facilitate a productive scenius that nurtures creative intersections, exchanges and networks between practitioners in art, media, design and technology. From online and offline publications to live events, CAN’s initiatives have become incubators for a multitude of computational tools, people and organisations, events and people and provided open platforms for dialogue, feedback and response in diverse media.

Filip Visnjic (fvda.co.uk) – Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Contributing Editors:
Greg J. Smith (serialconsign.com)
Alexander Scholz (alexanderscholz.com)

Amnon Owed (amnonp5.wordpress.com)
Joshua Noble (thefactoryfactory.com)
Mike Tucker (mike-tucker.com)

Website Design:
Filip Visnjic (fvda.co.uk) with Just Be Nice (identity)
CAN Logo in canvas by Ricardo Sánchez – November 2010 –
Filip Visnjic (fvda.co.uk) – August 2009-October 2010 (modifications of Matt’s theme – grey palette)
Matt Joyce (themeekshall.co.uk) – January 2009-July 2009 (inspired by Matt’s own site – yellow + white + grey palette)

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