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Found In Translation – Experiencing the process of machine translation

Found in Translation is an interactive, immersive installation where using their own spoken sentences, visitors viscerally experience the process of machine translation. Visualizations show how the machine learning model clusters words from different languages by semantic similarity, and translations are presented typographically and auditorily across 24 languages.

Shining the web – Hiroaki Umeda online performance

Reckoning with quantum physics, Japanese avant-garde art scene “maestro” Hiroaki Umeda hypostatizes that these batches of abstract information are merely human belief system: “When one has confidence in an object’s factuality they name it as real, and when this confidence is slightly undermined they rename it as virtual” he stated.


Creative Application Developer at Upswell

Upswell in Portland are looking for a Creative Application Developer to build digital experiences for their partners in the cultural, social, and technology sectors.

03/05/2021 /

Lead Software Technologist at Gensler

As a Lead Software Technologist at Gensler, you will be working as part of a global, production-focused team, that facilitates the delivery of immersive and connected experiences for the built environment.

27/04/2021 /

Creative Hardware Technologist / Prototyper (f/m/d) at colorfy GmbH

colorfy in Berlin are looking for a Creative Hardware Technologist to join them in research, ideation, planning and be responsible particularly for the prototyping phases of our research- and innovation-oriented projects.

22/04/2021 /

Creative Technologist at FAY

FAY in NYC are looking for a Creative Technologist to help bring to life a range of projects—from interactive installations, to generative design software, sound visualization, physical prototyping, and websites.

20/04/2021 /

Freelance Touch Designer Artist at yU+co

yU+co, an award winning motion graphics and design company located in Hollywood are looking for a freelance Touch Designer artist to help with the latest project.

13/04/2021 /

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