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Glitché – Distort your photos using computer errors and bugs

glitche_02 copy 2

Created by Vladimir Shreyder, Boris Golovnev and Ivan Shornikov, Glitché is a free iPhone application that lets you distort your photos using common computer errors and bugs. Using similar UX to popular image apps such as Instagram, Glitché includes filters such as glitch, slitscan, datamosh, 3D-transform and others.

Sharing to popular sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr is also included.

AppStore (Free)

For more “experimental” iOS apps see here although my favorite iOS photo effector app of all time has to be the first - ToyCamera by  Takayuki Fukatsu – first released in early 2009.


    • O.S.A Band

      really cool. downloaded. :]

    • psfilipe

      Any plans for Android?

    • Kristian Bønnelykke


    • Sterling

      its pretty easy to destroy information, much more worthwhile to construct than deconstruct

    • lawrencealan

      These are not glitches, they are simply filters.

    • CacheFlowe

      Decim8 is a really nice, similar app. It’s been around for years:

    • phritzg

      How about an android version?