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Textoy [Mac, Windows, Cinder]

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Textoy is a cinder app by Ariel Malka that is all about physical interaction with text and a slight touch of generative sound. Latest work in progress in the series of projects exploring interactive text and typeface, in this latest experiment Ariel has created an app that allows you to draw a curve along which custom text follows. The iPad version is to be multi-touch, use the accelerometer and allow you to enter your own text.

Meanwhile, Ariel has made a version for the desktop:
– Turn on your speakers
– You can press the enter key to clear the current curve
– Then, just draw a new curve with the mouse…

Windows version (424K)
OSX version (319K)

The app is powered by a 1D Verlet physics engine Ariel has been developing over the years. The idea is based on this legendary Gamasutra article: Advanced Character Physics . The only force applied is gravity: always pointing downwards on the desktop, and driven by the accelerometer on iOS. Each text character is therefore getting an amount of gravity force depending on the curvature at its location. In addition, you have some friction force applied, in order to limit motion.

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