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“The Infinite Music Machine” for iPad – Zone out and drift away…

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Inspired by their joint performance at the FEED soundscape in Berlin, “The Infinite Music Machine” is an iPad application that brings together the work of sound artists Juju and Jordash with the liquid projections by Paul Skawinski.

The app was developed by the team at the Future Audio Workshop. Besides enjoying the sound and visuals, user can also set the length of time the iPad generated version of the performance, from 1 minute to infinity. All that is left is to zone out and drift away – says Gavin from FAW.

AppStore ($1.99) | futureaudioworkshop | |

FAW believe in the social and personal benefits that a love of music brings. Our mission is to help spread the playing, producing and listening of music, through the medium of computer technology. This manifests itself in the software we create. Formed in 2007, FAW’s headquarters are in Galway, Ireland, with an office also operating in Berlin, Germany.

  • J-

    682MB. Superimposed movies?

  • mike

    really like the design

  • quarkdoll

    A music machine that does not play music on a 3rd generation iPad (5.1.1) except for the last 4 seconds of the randomizing die animation.. glorious.

  • peter

    make sure you don’t have your iPad mute/orientation switch turned on…

  • quarkdoll

    yes, i’m stunningly moronic about this for some reason – you’re correct.

  • the developer forgot to put my credentials so here we go. Nano Projections – . Thanks

  • erikbojerik

    OK for $2 not a bad randomly-generated movie/audio. I would pay 10x more for the ability to morph user-uploaded video and audio in the same way (or even user-defined ways).