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Cubepix by Xavi’s Lab at Glassworks Barcelona

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The special projects division of Glassworks Barcelona – Xavi’s Lab created Cubepix, a fully interactive and real-time projection mapping installation in their studio that combines very simple materials (cardboard) with quite sophisticated tech (projection mapping, pixel rotation, sync, etc). It has been conceived and developed entirely by their resident technologist Xavi Tribo. The prototype has been devised using a projector, a Microsoft Kinect, 8 Arduino boards, openFrameworks, 64 servo motors and 64 cardboard boxes.

Using all of the above, users are able to interact and influence the way the boxes move and are illuminated. Not only that, the software knows how and when the boxes are going to turn and projects onto them accordingly. Wonderful and fun project indeed.

Glassworks Barcelona


  • thomas

    great work!

  • thomas

    great work!

  • Sten Pittet

    ditto, amazing stuff