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ofxUI – New GUI addon for your openFrameworks projects [openFrameworks]

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ofxUI is an addon for openFrameworks (version 07) by Reza Ali that easily allows for the creation of user interfaces aka GUIs. ofxUI also takes care of widget layout, spacing, font loading, and widget callbacks. ofxUI can be easily customized (colors, font & widget sizes, padding, layout, etc).ofxUI is a GL based GUI and uses openFramework’s drawings calls to render its widgets. It integrates into openFrameworks projects very easily since it was designed specifically for OF. Just drag and drop the addon into your project, copy the GUI folder from an example project’s data folder into your data folder. The README in the ofxUI addon folder includes a step by step tutorial on how to use the library in your projects in under 10 minutes. There are many examples included in the download that show how to add widgets, customize their placement, get values from different types of widgets, set widget values, add callback functions for gui events, and more.

It has been tested on OSX  and iOS (OF 07). It should work on linux and windows, since its only dependency is openFrameworks. ofxUI is open source under an MIT License, therefore you can use it in commercial and non-commercial projects. If you plan to use it in a commercial project please consider donating to help support this addon and future releases/fixes/features.

Project Page | GitHub

  • Holy dang this is amazing looking. Quick, someone hook it to osc and add a nice configuration language to it, and you have a nice clone of touchOSC.

  • This is super slick.  Kudos.

  • Lucas

     working on that. Still need lot of work … I think it could be really cool.

  • Adrien

    Great addon! Thank You!

  • AND it works with ios, nice

  • julienbayle

    It is the sweetes UI in the OF world, and it works with iOS …!

  • How do I scroll a “canvas” if it doesn’t fit on screen?