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28/09/2022: MAN-NAHĀTA – The land of many hills Environment

In their continued effort to seek out an equilibrium between man-made and nature, MAN-NAHĀTA is the latest project by OXMAN (previously Mediated Matter Group at the MIT Media Lab). The project is a top-down master planning braved by bottom-up-design in the place where the grid was once a garden.

09/09/2022: World Wind Radio Member Submissions

Wind is the natural movement of air. It can move clouds, dust, seeds, and sound across oceans and mountains. It is the immigration of life itself. It doesn’t care for humankind’s made-up borders. It ignores the requirements of citizenship or the laws of censorship. Wind comes and goes as it pleases.  World Wind Radio is an…

07/09/2022: _econtinuum – 11th Patchlab Digital Art Festival Member Submissions

Between October 6th and 9th 2022, the 11th edition of the Patchlab Digital Art Festival will be held in Krakow.

01/08/2022: Arche-Scriptures – Our digital traces in the future-past Arduino Processing

‘Arche-Scriptures’ explores ceramics as a possible medium to store digital information. An artifact is found at a speculative archeological dig-site is being scanned by a decrypting machine, through which the visitor is invited to listen as the original audio data engraved onto the ceramics is slowly retrieved and sonified.

27/07/2022: FoodLovers by ONUT Member Submissions

FoodLovers is a collection of 595 images showing 85 recipes from 21 countries. This project began the same day the Russo-Ukrainian war started. It is a call to action. We want to send a message of optimism to the world. We reflected on: What’s one thing that unites people no matter their beliefs? Anything that…

26/07/2022: FILE FESTIVAL 2022 – July and August Exhibitions Member Submissions

Electronic Language International Festival – FILE has reestablished its annual activities and invites artists, students, academics and the general public to know about the projects SUPERCREATIVITY, ANIMA+GAMES and Sticker Exhibition, in July and August 2022. Access the complete project’s content at FILE FESTIVAL. In this edition, the festival shows more than 230 artworks that seek to overcome obstacles…

14/07/2022: RE:PLACES – Liebl and Schmid-Pfähler Arduino Python Robotics

RE:PLACES is a complex 1.70-meter-high robotic apparatus that excretes the plastic objects and then deposits them around the exhibition space like three-dimensional brushstrokes.

04/07/2022: Eternal Blue – Invisible digital dimensions of reality Javascript Unity

Created by Richard Vijgen, ‘Eternal Blue’ is an installation at the University of Maastricht (NL) that visualises tens of thousands of malicious packets caught by the University’s firewall as they happen.

01/07/2022: Tiny Movies – Between perception and cognition Javascript

Created by Nuntinee Tansrisakul, ‘Tiny Movies’ (Desktop Installation) is a series of moving visual compositions that walks the thin line between our perception and our cognition; what we see versus what we think we see. With the point of view of at least 80 meters above and parallel to the ground, our visual construct is challenged. 

22/06/2022: On reflection: an interactive film installation Member Submissions

Since the first movie musical back in 1927, film audiences have delighted in seeing bodies in motion on the big screen. Movements etched into our minds. Scenes like Liza Minelli’s cabaret performance with a chair, Gene Kelly swinging joyously in the rain,  the iconic lift scene in Dirty Dancing. These historic moments are now accessible…

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