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13/01/2023: Asia Culture Center – 2023 ACC Residency Open Call Member Submissions

Asia Culture Center (ACC) is seeking participants for ACC Residency 2023.This year, the residency will be held in collaboration with ACC Sound Art Lab under the theme “Futures of Listening” which is also a long-term project led by ACC Sound Art Lab.

13/01/2023: Creative Robotics Symposium @ UAL: Creative Computing Institute Member Submissions

The Creative Computing Institute will host an international line-up of established speakers from University of Tokyo, Imperial College London and UAL.

12/01/2023: Vague Boundaries – Particles, lines, and waves Arduino

Created by Jonghong Park, Vague Boundaries explores ‘boundaries’ between matter and phenomena. The custom made machine draws straight lines continuously on the paper by snapping the thread with the mechanism of the chalk line tool.

21/12/2022: FILE FESTIVAL 2023 – Call for Entries Member Submissions

This announcement opens the opportunity to participate in the 22nd. Edition of the Electronic Language International Festival, which is scheduled to take place at the FIESP Cultural Center, in São Paulo, from July 5th to August 27th.

19/12/2022: Unlearning Language – Using AI to be less machine-like Python TouchDesigner

Created by Lauren Lee McCarthy & Kyle McDonald, Unlearning Language is an interactive installation and performance that uses machine learning to provoke the participants to find new understandings of language, undetectable to algorithms.

16/12/2022: Ghostwriter – GPT3 Powered Typewriter Arduino Objects Python

Ghostwriter is a project that invites us to mindfully co-create with the AI through a vintage typewriter’s tactile and physical form. Imagined as a calm meditative interface it removes all the digital distractions and takes us on an emotional journey through paper and ink.

12/12/2022: AI Sculpting – The unpredictable strategies and outcomes of co-creation Houdini Unity

Imagined as a tool to provide assistance to a conventional approach to sculpting, here an AI model is developed to seek out strategies that provide a constant improvement to how a given form is achieved. By feeding it with different tools, rules and rewards through reinforcement learning, the team steer the process revealing unpredictable outcomes.

08/12/2022: Postgraduate Showcase 2020 – UAL Creative Computing Institute Member Submissions

Explore artworks from the future talent of industry, view works of postgraduate students from the Creative Computing Institute.

21/11/2022: plant_bot – Interdependency Member Submissions

plant bot is a time based interactive art installation where the fates of a living plant and a computer are interdependent. Essentially the plant attempts to train a computer using image recognition. Through this process the computer will learn to recognize when the plant needs water based on images it takes of the plant.

31/10/2022: Lumos Ra Interactive Lighting: RA-01 Member Submissions

Created by computational media artist, designer and entrepreneur Andreas Rothaug from Futura Epsis 1, Lumos Ra is a lamp with app-connectivity that interprets music, playfully exploring color gradients: an interactive experience stimulating and merging the visual and acoustic senses.

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