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01/06/2023: KRILLER – Globally synced broadcast of synth-soaked ambient software Javascript

KRILLER is an eternally looping, seven day, globally synced audio-visual broadcast of synth soaked ambient software (online) experience. The weeklong broadcast is divided into 6300 software art ‘cassettes’, each bound to a specific moment of time during the week, minted by its fabricator, and seamlessly fusing with its predecessor and successor to form audiovisual duets and mashups.

30/05/2023: Paragraphica – Context to image (AI) camera Objects Python

Paragraphica is a camera that utilizes location data and AI to visualize a “photo” of a specific place and moment. The camera exists both as a physical prototype and an online camera that you can try.

29/05/2023: Equilibrium Morphologies – Responsive Modeling Framework for the Form-Finding of Membrane Structures Member Submissions

‘Equilibrium Morphologies’ investigates how complex articulated membrane structures can be erected and tensioned through emergent behaviours of interacting forces and explore multiple states of equilibrium.

17/05/2023: Blind Camera – Point-and-shoot sound to image Objects Python Sound

Blind Camera is an AI powered device that generates pictures from sound instead of light while preserving the experience of using a point-and-shoot camera.

16/05/2023: Perfect Behaviours –A collective exhibition on the algorithmic rewriting of human behaviours Review

Serena Cangiano reviews “Perfect Behaviours – life redesigned by the algorithm” curated by Giorgio Olivero and on show in Turin, Italy’s OGR Officine Grandi Riparazioni.

09/05/2023: Adnose – Anosmia and (ML) smell prediction Member Submissions

dnose is an interactive sculpture in the shape of a nose created at NYU, Tisch School of the Arts ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) which combines image recognition and machine learning using a Raspberry Pi to predict the smell of any object placed underneath it.

28/04/2023: Live set CINEMA BLACKBOX by Kyoka and Shohei Fujimoto Member Submissions

In this project, the human brain, which is like a black box, is captured objectively as an unknown structure and visualized through sound and visual

27/04/2023: Trending in the Multiverse – What if authorship became obsolete? Python WebApp

Created by Moniker, Trending in the Multiverse explores novel possibilities of content production. Awestruck by the latest iteration of AI systems that are both fascinating and worrying, the project asks us to reconsider our concepts of authorship, ownership, and creativity.

24/04/2023: Sun Thinking – First exhibition on the Solar Protocol network Member Submissions

Sun Thinking is an online group show that brings together artists and writers to explore some of the themes and questions central to the Solar Protocol.

10/04/2023: Heavens – A myth, survivalist dream, and the end of (this) history Environment

Heavens is a moving-image work and installation created using planetarium projection methods to overlay planetary footage with deep sea imagery, looking at deep space to see deep into the ocean.

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