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24/05/2022: Light & Sound Synthesis: In Conversation with Amay Kataria Environment Sound

In a world constantly adjusting and adapting to new methods of communication and connection expedited by rapid technological advancements, artist Amay Kataria explores what it means to be human.

20/05/2022: Entry is Open! 1minute Projection Mapping Competition in TOKYO 2022! Member Submissions

~Entry for participating creators is now open!~ 1minute Projection Mapping in TOKYO will be held again this year. This is an international competition planned by Projection Mapping Association of Japan for competing projection mapping works of 1 minute to 1 minute and 59 seconds. Creators from all over the world are invited to submit their…

19/05/2022: Symphony in Acid – Typography, sound and (the limits of) language Javascript

Created as a collaboration between Max Cooper (Music) and Ksawery Komputery (video), ‘Symphony in Acid’ is a (generative) music video that maps every sound to the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein with references to the combination of orchestral-like synths with 303-like synthesis of acid house.

19/05/2022: The Subject Changes – Virtual body as an encoded aesthetic artefact Environment Unity

Created by Vienna based Depart (Leonhard Lass and Gregor Ladenhauf), ‘The Subject Changes’ is a poetic live simulation of a capricious character, endlessly shape-shifting while negotiating his/her ambiguous world.

05/05/2022: Cryptographic Beings – Biology as digital storage TouchDesigner

Created by Michael Sedbon, ‘Cryptographic Beings’ is a technological proposal that leverages our ability to control and abstract biology to perform digital information storage.

29/04/2022: Phases [An Exhibition By Kai Lab] Member Submissions

Dates | 19th – 28th May, 2022Times | 12noon – 7pmLocation | Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DGTickets | timed entry by donation – BOOK HEREContact | insta: @kai.lab_ / info@kailaboratory.com / www.kailaboratory.com Repeating cycles shape our behaviour and environment. From the rotation of the Earth, to the beat of the heart, much of what…

28/04/2022: Returning the Gaze – Perpetual (male)surveillance Robotics Unity

Created by Behnaz Farahi, ‘Returning the Gaze’ explores the complicity of the fashion industry with female objectification and sexual harassment. Comprised of a female model wearing a spacesuit-like outfit and accompanied by four robotic arms, the gaze of the model is directed back at the viewer.

22/04/2022: Mind the “Uuh” – Train yourself to avoid using uuh fill words Arduino Objects

Created by Benedikt Groß, Maik Groß and Thibault Durand, Mind the “Uuh” is an experimental training device helping everyone to become a better public speaker. The device is constantly listening to the sound of your voice, aiming to make you aware of “uuh” fill words.

06/04/2022: Another Moon – Kimchi and Chips c++ Robotics

Created by Kimchi and Chips, ‘Another Moon’ is a large-scale outdoor apparition that creates a technically sublime second moon in the sky. 40 towers collect the sun’s energy during the day and project that light back into the sky at night, creating a second moon overhead.

25/03/2022: Through Artificial Eyes – The inevitable cultural perspectives of NNs MaxMSP Python Unity

Created by Richard Vijgen, ‘Through Artificial Eyes’ is an interactive installation that lets the audience look at 558 episodes of VPRO Tegenlicht (Dutch Future Affairs Documentary series) through the eyes of a computer vision Neural Network.

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