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17/04/2014 / Arduino, MaxMSP

Some seven months ago Squarepusher and WARP records released a video titled Z-Machines, comprised of hand built robots showcasing the stupendous chops of the robot guitarist, drummer and keyboard player. The video and installation was created in collaboration by the roboticist’s ...

17/04/2014 / ontheweb

Alpha-ville returns with a special edition of its LIVE series featuring for the first time in London the emotionally intense multimedia creations of award winning Montréal-based artist Herman Kolgen. On Sunday 18th May, Alpha-ville LIVE presents a double bill programme ...
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16/04/2014 / HOLO

We are thrilled to announce that HOLO 1 is now shipping from our distribution hub in Berlin! After more than a year of work, CAN’s print spin-off is now headed around the world! Dedicated to chronicling ‘emerging trajectories in art, science, and ...
    Mirage by Ralf Baecker_03 copy

16/04/2014 / Events

Created by Ralf Baecker and produced by the LEAP gallery in Berlin, Mirage is an installation that uses muscle wires to move a mirror that reflects a laser beam into a shape of a landscape. Currently installed in the LEAP gallery, the piece the ...
    NS_Randy2_cc copy

16/04/2014 / Cinder, iOS

Created by Kris Meeusen and Lab101 for one of their favourite Belgium bands Nid & Sancy, The Cut up Jeans Technique is an iOS app that plays the new album as long as you shake your device. All animations are ...
    macrofilm-pangenerator_11 copy

16/04/2014 / Arduino, openFrameworks

Created by the panGenerator collective, Macrofilm is a permanent interactive installation for The Museum of The History of Polish Jews. The team was asked to create unique interactive installation for the Resource Center of The Museum that allows the visitors to browse through some stories of Polish ...

14/04/2014 / ontheweb

Made with Cinder. 40,000 virtual starlings. by Robert Hodgin aka @flight404 via Murmuration on Vimeo.

14/04/2014 / ontheweb

Applications are now open for five residencies for emerging artists and creative technologists working at the intersections of art, technology and sustainability. SPACE invites applications for residencies in the dedicated open-plan residency studio at the White Building, Hackney Wick. OPEN CALL: ...
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14/04/2014 / iOS, openFrameworks

Created by Eric Rieper, Wake Up With the World is a an iOS application that turns your wake up alarm into musical collaborative experience. When you wake your GPS coordinates are translated into musical notes and combined with those of every other ...
    etcpp_lafkon_07 copy

21/03/2014 / Processing

Created by Lafkon duo consisting of Benjamin Stephan and Christoph Haag, etcpp is an animation created using Processing and a Pen Plotter where animation frames are drawn into various granular matter. The project started during a pitch for collaborative animation project and ...
    RIOT-Game_05 copy

21/03/2014 / Games, Unity

Like it's predecessors from the 80s and 90s including the early Grand Theft Auto titles and more recent Retro City Rampage, RIOT is a tributes and homages to the genre of games that take the idea of violence and transform ...
    MusikBox_2 copy

19/03/2014 / Objects, Sound

Created by Quadrature, including Sebastian Neitsch, Jan Bernstein and Clara Iannotta, 12 is a sound machine comprised of 12 custom built music boxes with specially tuned lamellae controlled by on/off switches and knobs. Each knob controls the speed the music-box handle and when combined, the device becomes ...
    03 copy

17/03/2014 / Arduino

Created by Florian Born, Aerosol explores what happens when we reverse the common process of transferring physical systems into virtual ones. The project is an experiment that investigates exactly this by using a particle system and the emergent appearance. A taut fabric ...
    CONSTI2GO-Thibault-Brevet-2 copy

12/03/2014 / Objects

Created by Thibault Brevet, CONSTI2GO is a portable device that allows, on the press of a button, to print copies of the US Constitution by hijacking the existing network of standard receipt printers. Thibault first prototyped the electronics with an Arduino and ...
    scentRuser copy 2

12/03/2014 / Arduino

Created by Aisen Caro Chacin, a graduate from Parsons, Scent Rhythm is a timekeeping device that maps relational olfactory sequences to the body's circadian cycle. The device, which you can build yourself following the instructions available on the site, attempts ...

11/03/2014 / ontheweb

One of the most amazing sights was flying out of England to the north of Russia to have a look at things up there. If you did that, it was a pretty long run. We'd refuel twice just to get ...
    may_the_force_01 copy

10/03/2014 / Arduino, Processing

Created by Seoul based artist Teo Park, "May the Force be With You" is a kinetic installation that invites visitors to interact with an interactive water tank. The tank uses gravitational force driven by the position of the viewer's hand ...
    baloons2 copy

04/03/2014 / CAN Events

Five years in the running, organised by Rhizomatiks and curated by Daito Manabe, Flying Tokyo has been the home for international artists working in the field of art and technology to present their work to the Japanese audience. Over the ...

04/03/2014 / ontheweb

From 1983 to 1993 DARPA spent over $1 billion on a program called the Strategic Computing Initiative. The agency's goal was to push the boundaries of computers, artificial intelligence, and robotics to build something that, in hindsight, looks strikingly similar ...
    rsz_h599_70_381 copy

03/03/2014 / Unity

Created for an installation in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin, this is an app/toy/thing David OReilly made for the Oculus Rift with a little help from  Damien Di Fede. The experiment allows you to see your reflection as a ...
    sound-cone_8 copy

03/03/2014 / Arduino

Created by Francesco Tacchini in collaboration with Julinka Ebhardt and Will Yates-Johnson, Space Replay is a hovering object that explores and manipulates transitional public spaces by constantly recording and replaying their ambient sounds. The object is aimed to produce "a delayed echo of human activity" ...
    fractal_film_03 copy 2

28/02/2014 / openFrameworks

Exploring the concepts of generative art with the language of cinema, Fractal Film is a collaboration between video artist Delphine Doukhan and generative artist Antoine Schmitt. The project includes a very precisely choreographed scene shot in very high definition (5K) ...

28/02/2014 / Video

Latest from Zeitguised comes in the form of macro-organisms. The motion triptych shows an interpretation of what the initial concepts would have looked liked if they were not realised as a line of runway clothes but spontaneously realized themselves as autonomous life ...

27/02/2014 / ontheweb

Undef (Martin and Phillip) have just posted new documentation of their touchplotter-microproject from 2009.  They connected a 30 year old pen plotter to draw, in realtime, gestures received from an iPad. Who is still using pencils? To keep paper and pen from ...

22/02/2014 / ontheweb

Google Earth can be traced directly to ACI’s patented method through Google Earth’s “development” history, including current executives; Google Earth bears remarkable similarities to ART+COM’s commercial system, which was developed nearly a decade prior to Google’s introduction of Google Earth; ...
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20/02/2014 / Arduino, Processing, Sound

Created by Felix Faire and on display at the Royal Academy in London for "Sensing Spaces" Friday Late event tomorrow (21st Feb), Contact is an acoustic research project that turns any hard surface into an interface. The project is part of work in progress ...
    filament_sculptures_lia_10 copy

17/02/2014 / Processing

For about a year now generative artist Lia has been exploring 3d printing by analysing filament and the movements of the printhead. Rather than just having 3d models printed out, Lia has been interested in the possibilities of the process by defining ...

17/02/2014 / ontheweb

Created by Vade, the following video is an exploration of old recovered medical slides - layering light and dead cells. The piece was performed live in studio with VDMX - recorded with microscope & Black Magic Pocket Camera. Audio : Optic ...

16/02/2014 / ontheweb

This video provides a glimpse of the classes at School for poetic computation. Students are sharing their assignment: to make a game or a teaching tool to help understand binary numbers. This homework was followed by a lesson on binary ...
    homepage copy

14/02/2014 / Sound

Ototo is an initiative by London based Dentaku (Mark McKeague and Yuri Suzuki) to bring the all-in-one musical invention kit to everyone. The kit  allows you to make an instrument any way you want and has everything you need to make sound interactive: ...
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