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Editor-in-chief at CreativeApplications.Net, co-founder and editorial director at HOLO Magazine, director of platform at FRM and researcher/lecturer at the University of Westminster, London.
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FPS by Hugo Arcier at “Fantômes numériques” exhibition

Created by Hugo Arcier, FPS is an installation inspired by the November 2015 Paris attacks where the visitors are invited to interact with a game controller, constructing a “memorial” from gunshots, and the only visible elements are pyrotechnic effects, gunshots, muzzle flashes, sparks, impacts and smoke.

02/05/2016 in Games
75000 Futures_07

75000 Futures – The algorithmic failures and impossible futures

Created by Gunnar Green and Bernhard Hopfengärtner, ‘75000 Futures’ assembles 240 stock charts which were produced by the 2010 flash crash and collected and named by a company that streams and stores realtime market data.

29/04/2016 in Objects

MIMPI – Mobile interactive multiparametric image

Created by Moscow based duo Stain, MIMPI (mobile interactive multiparametric image) is an experiment combining abstract generative image and simple multiuser interactivity.

28/04/2016 in vvvv

Three Machines on Transparency – Pursuing philosophical concepts as functional prototypes

Created by Jasna Dimitrovska as a part of her Digital Media – HfK Bremen, Master Theses, Three Machines on Transparency is comprised of three machines that by own demonstration allow the artist to synthesise philosophical concepts of different forms+ideas of transparency into the corporeality.

26/04/2016 in Arduino&Objects
Something Like Me_09

Something Like Me / About Seeing Things – Akihiko Taniguchi

Latest in the series of productions by Japan’s BRDG label and Hip Land Music is the performance by Akihiko Taniguchi titled ‘Something Like Me / About Seeing Things’. The performance is a culmination of Akihiko research into VR and 3D scanning, rendering in real time, synchronized with real world time and presented using Pepper’s Ghost technique in Tokyo’s DMM VR theatre.

25/04/2016 in Unity

Adeus – The mechanistic and auditory implications of entropy

Created by João Costa, Adeus is a sound installation that explores concepts arising from the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, where the perfectly designed musical system eventually falls out of sync, mirroring the flaws and entropy inherent to human nature.

22/04/2016 in Arduino&Sound

Multimedia Director (Réalisateur multimédia) at Moment Factory

The Multimedia Director (MD) is the creative lead on a project. The MD’s responsibilities include the conception, design, production and integration of multimedia projects.

21/04/2016 in Jobs

Order+Noise (Interface I) – Negotiating the boundary of randomness

Created by Ralf Baecker and opening this week at the NOME gallery in Berlin, Order+Noise (Interface I) investigates the boundary and space created by two interacting systems that are set in motion by the random signals of Geiger-Müller tubes.

21/04/2016 in Objects&Science

Hortum Machina, B – Speculative urban cyber-gardener

Created by Danilo Sampaio and William Victor Camilleri at the The Interactive Architecture Lab at UCL/London, Hortum Machina, B is a half garden, half machine, cybernetic lifeform that explores new forms of bio-cooperative interaction between people and nature, within the built environment.

18/04/2016 in Arduino&Environment

Poetic Router – A tribute to the age of network awareness

Created by Saurabh Datta (automato), Poetic Router is a project that investigates the potential of the everyday manufactured IoT platforms beyond what is commonly discussed. Whereas most concerns of IoT are focused on security since every “Chip-‘ed” device is hackable and can be jacked and modded remotely. Poetic Router explores network transmission as a way to generate poetry by scraping the data found on the server links.

11/04/2016 in Arduino

Conversations On Chaos by Fito Segrera

Created by Fito Segrera, Conversations On Chaos is a project that explores the idea of order as an emergence from chaos. It uses chaos theory and elements from dynamic system studies and experimentation in order to create a system where two machines hold a chaotic conversation about chaos.

31/03/2016 in Linux

Hybrid Forms: New Growth / Exploration of morphogenesis by Andy Lomas

Following from the Morphogenetic Creations we covered on CAN some months ago , Hybrid Forms: New Growth is the latest in the series of “Cellular Forms: an Artistic Exploration of Morphogenesis” research work by Andy Lomas.

29/03/2016 in c++