Author: Filip Visnjic

Theresa Duncan CD-ROMs: Visionary Videogames for Girls by Rhizome — Kickstarter

Boldly original gamemaker Theresa Duncan defied industry norms by creating lyrical CD-ROM adventures based on young girls’ everyday experiences. Today, these seminal games are inaccessible to the next generation of players, researchers, and artists. Help us bring them back! Please help make this Rhizome project by supporting it on Kickstarter. Theresa Duncan CD-ROMs: Visionary Videogames for […]

NYLOÏDE  Codact – 2013

FutureEverything News and Opportunities 2015

2015 FutureEverything Festival: Speakers, New Commissions, Installations and Live Programme – 26-28 February 2015, Manchester (UK) Warren Ellis / Jer Thorp / Julia Kaganskiy / Paolo Cirio / Ólafur Arnalds / Ariel Pink / Koreless & Emmanuel Biard: The Well / Cod.Act: Nyloïd / Renzo Spiteri / Gazelle Twin / Deep Hedonia: Unresolved Projects / […]