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Editor-in-chief at CreativeApplications.Net, co-founder and editorial director at HOLO Magazine, director of platform at FRM and researcher/lecturer at the University of Westminster, London.
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Follower – Attention, surveillance and physicality of social media

In the social media age, one’s importance or relevance is typically measured in online followers—as that number goes up, the level of validation we feel does too. But how would a ‘real life follower’ change those dynamics? Created by Lauren McCarthy, ​Follower​ is an uncanny performance project that examines our feelings towards attention and surveillance.

09/02/2016 in iOS
Still_Daniel Shechter_1.5

Weaved. Programmable Textile – Modelling fabrics into three-dimensional structures

After the experiments in physical programming in the “Traces” project we reported on last year, Dana Zelig decided to examine the possibility of adjusting the plastic to fabrics, by means of pressing them together, allowing the heat to manipulate the plastic, and the manipulated plastic to effect the adjusted fabric.

05/02/2016 in Processing

Lull – Between order and chaos

Created for the inaugural ‘Day for Night festival’ by AV&C’s Vincent Houzé, Stephen Baker and David Bianciardi, Lull is an immersive and contemplative installation that explores the liminal state between conscious and unconscious.

05/02/2016 in TouchDesigner

Phantom Power – Exoskeleton analog synthesizer

Created and performed by Yingjie Bei, Phantom Power is an exoskeleton analog synthesizer. Built as a man/machine interface instrument, the device is performed with hand gestures / screwdrivers by manipulating the circuit.

04/02/2016 in Sound

Automatic Orchestra – Algorithmic sound composition and networked music

The Automatic Orchestra is an audio installation exploring algorithmic composition and networked music. A common set of rules distributed among a network of MIDI devices opens up a melodic space orchestrated by automatic logic.

28/01/2016 in Processing&Sound

Memory Lane – Sand rock and landscape

Created by Félix Luque Sánchez and Iñigo Bilbao, Memory Lane is a sculptural representation and investigation into memory and space by questioning human capacity of generating fiction, either by means of a simple child’s game or of a complex technological process.

21/01/2016 in Arduino
Saturn Submerged_07

Saturn Submerged – Infinite boxes of infinite space

Created by Gabriel Pulecio, Saturn Submerged is part of an ongoing series of ‘infinity boxes’ that create expanded spaces within themselves. The sculpture is composed of multiple mirrored surfaces and LEDs, which are fused to create the illusion of infinite depth and imagery.

20/01/2016 in TouchDesigner

Spectra-3 by FIELD – Choreographing a physical-digital system

Created by digital design studio FIELD, Spectra-3 is a physical-digital sculpture that tells three stories of communication through a choreography of movement, animated lights and spatialised sound, premiering at London’s Lumiere light festival on 14th January 2016.

14/01/2016 in Unity
11 Executions00004

11 Executions – Armed violence and modern terrorism meet video games AI

Created by Hugo Arcier, 11 Executions is a recreation of scenes of terror and violence within Grand Theft Auto V. Inspired by Alan Clarke’s short film Elephant (1989), Hugo stages, using similar techniques, the scenes of modern terrorism.

13/01/2016 in Games

HEXPIXELS – “C++ Punks”, a unit for realtime visual expression

HEXPIXELS is a unit for realtime visual expression by Satoru Higa, an artist/programmer renowned for his contribution to openFrameworks community and sound artist/vj/programmer Kezzardrix whose works range from his own interactive installation to live visuals.

12/01/2016 in MaxMSP&openFrameworks

10 Most Memorable Projects of 2015

As 2015 winds down we look back at almost 200 extraordinary projects we’ve covered this year on CAN. And as is the case every year, picking the ten ‘best’ is hard if not impossible, as each of them has driven the conversation around the state of art and design in their own unique way. And yet, the following ten works stuck with us and, if anything, make great starting points for reflection and inspiration as we head into the new year. Until we continue our coverage in early January: happy holidays and thank you all for a great 2015!

23/12/2015 in Featured

The New Velocity – The faulty consistency of cartography

Created by Luiz Zanotello at the University of the Arts, Bremen, The New Velocity is a machine designed to plot the phantom Sandy Island using digital as a new analogy for its existence. The project investigates a charting error that persisted in cartographic maps even after the advent of digital media. It speculates how data and physical phenomena are entangled, and how in contemporaneity, the two have the same weight under digital media.

22/12/2015 in Arduino&openFrameworks