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Editor-in-chief at CreativeApplications.Net, co-founder and editorial director at HOLO Magazine, director of platform at FRM and researcher/lecturer at the University of Westminster, London.
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Soap and Milk _ Waltz Binaire_09

Soap and Milk – Organic figments of data

Created by Waltz Binaire, Soap and Milk is designed as an interactive experience of data, allowing the observer to perceive social media as an overwhelming and organic figment. Each microscopic droplet represents a tweet and once an entity gets spawned – the viewer is invited to physically interact and explore its behaviour.

16/06/2016 in openFrameworks&vvvv
LaTurbo Avedon_6 (1)

‘New Realities’ at Lima’s Espacio Fundación Telefónica

Taking place at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Lima between 17 March – 19 June, New Realities is a touring exhibition curated and produced by Alpha-ville which explores how the phenomenal pace of technological advancement is changing the way we perceive ourselves and our world.

14/06/2016 in Review

Project Soli – World’s Tiniest Violin

Created by Design I/O, World’s Tiniest Violin is a ‘speed project’ that uses Google’s Project Soli – Alpha Dev Kit combined with the Wekinator machine learning tool and openFrameworks to detect small movements that look like someone playing a tiny violin and translate that to the volume and playback of a violin solo.

10/06/2016 in openFrameworks

Foxes Like Beacons – Open positioning system, and the politics of infrastructures

Created by Jochen Maria Weber, Foxes Like Beacons is an exploratory project using open data of public radio stations with inexpensive, low-power signal detection in order to create an open positioning system.

07/06/2016 in Arduino

Terrapattern – Neural network visual search tool for satellite imagery

Created by a Golan Levin, David Newbury, and Kyle McDonald, with the assistance of Golan’s students at CMU, Terrapattern is a visual search tool for satellite imagery that provides journalists, citizen scientists, and other researchers with the ability to quickly scan large geographical regions for specific visual features.

25/05/2016 in Javascript&Processing

Jller – Industrial automation and historical geology

Created as a collaboration between Prokop Bartoníček and Benjamin Maus, Jller is part of an their ongoing research in the field of industrial automation and historical geology. Installation includes an apparatus, that sorts pebbles from a specific river by their geologic age.

19/05/2016 in Processing
Study for Fifteen Points_06

Study for Fifteen Points – Random International

Created by Random International, Study for Fifteen Points explores the minimal amount of information that is necessary for the animated form to be recognised as human; and the fundamental impact created by subtle changes within that information.

16/05/2016 in Science

Blueprint – Pairing genetics and code, the blueprints of artificial and natural systems

Created by United Visual Artists, Blueprint is an installation designed to explore the relationship and parallels between natural and artificial systems – creating a visual composition that uses mathematical principles of logic that underpin life.

12/05/2016 in Processing

Parasitic / Symbiotic – Nature and Technology

Created by Ann-Katrin Krenz, Parasitic / Symbiotic project explores the artificiality of nature, and whether a moderate and thoughtful technical interventions in nature can create something aesthetically valuable and permanent.

10/05/2016 in Arduino

FPS by Hugo Arcier at “Fantômes numériques” exhibition

Created by Hugo Arcier, FPS is an installation inspired by the November 2015 Paris attacks where the visitors are invited to interact with a game controller, constructing a “memorial” from gunshots, and the only visible elements are pyrotechnic effects, gunshots, muzzle flashes, sparks, impacts and smoke.

02/05/2016 in Games
75000 Futures_07

75000 Futures – The algorithmic failures and impossible futures

Created by Gunnar Green and Bernhard Hopfengärtner, ‘75000 Futures’ assembles 240 stock charts which were produced by the 2010 flash crash and collected and named by a company that streams and stores realtime market data.

29/04/2016 in Objects

MIMPI – Mobile interactive multiparametric image

Created by Moscow based duo Stain, MIMPI (mobile interactive multiparametric image) is an experiment combining abstract generative image and simple multiuser interactivity.

28/04/2016 in vvvv