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Editor-in-chief at CreativeApplications.Net, co-founder and editorial director at HOLO Magazine, director of platform at FRM and researcher/lecturer at the University of Westminster, London.
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Figures – Video game engines as dramatic real time performance

Created by the NY based artist Victor Morales, Figures is a series of dramatic animation created using Unity game engine where characters melt, bend and defy the natural in a simulation

22/07/2016 in Games

The Aerographer – “Groundless air and a place inside the clouds”

Created by Luiz Zanotello, The Aerographer is an installation that explores the state of uncertainty in times of ubiquitous technological mediation, borders among territories and boundaries among bodies.

19/07/2016 in Arduino&Processing

Analogue Systems – Kinaesthetic tools for digital processes

Performed at the Camberwell College of Arts with 6 graduating graphic design students, Analogue Systems is a project that draws inspiration from the overworked arguements of superiority between analogue and digital process.

13/07/2016 in Other

‘Spicule’ by Yaxu – Album as a live coding device on Pi Zero

Created by Alex McLean (Yaxu), Spicule is an album released as a Pi Zero with high quality DAC in custom case, allowing the tracks to be remixed and reworked using the TidalCycles live coding environment.

08/07/2016 in Sound

Perception, Data Collection and Memory – Ishac Bertran

Continuing his exploration of personal objects in the age of information overload, Manual Reader and Memory Device are two new devices by Ishac Bertran that address perception, personal data collection and memory.

06/07/2016 in Arduino&Objects

‘Rottlace’ masks for Björk by the Mediated Matter Group / MIT Media Lab

Designed by the Mediated Matter Group in collaboration with Stratasys and inspired by her most recent album—Vulnicura, The Rottlace is a series of masks for Björk, exploring the themes associated with self-healing and expressing ‘the face without a skin’.

01/07/2016 in Objects

50 Animations populate SFPC’s re-coded at Day for Night

In December 2015, SFPC were invited to participate at Day for Night festival in Houston, TX. SFPC co-founder Zach Lieberman, students from the fall 2015 session, and the larger SFPC community worked together to create ‘SFPC re-coded’, a project that presented over 50 animations from more than 30 different contributors.

28/06/2016 in Events

Power of One #Surface – Compression and dilation of time

Created by Shohei Fujimoto, Power of One #Surface explores perception through reflection and position, where the visitor is invited to explore both the actual and reflected pattern which continuously changes according to the angle of reflective surfaces.

28/06/2016 in openFrameworks
Soap and Milk _ Waltz Binaire_09

Soap and Milk – Organic figments of data

Created by Waltz Binaire, Soap and Milk is designed as an interactive experience of data, allowing the observer to perceive social media as an overwhelming and organic figment. Each microscopic droplet represents a tweet and once an entity gets spawned – the viewer is invited to physically interact and explore its behaviour.

16/06/2016 in openFrameworks&vvvv
LaTurbo Avedon_6 (1)

‘New Realities’ at Lima’s Espacio Fundación Telefónica

Taking place at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Lima between 17 March – 19 June, New Realities is a touring exhibition curated and produced by Alpha-ville which explores how the phenomenal pace of technological advancement is changing the way we perceive ourselves and our world.

14/06/2016 in Review

Project Soli – World’s Tiniest Violin

Created by Design I/O, World’s Tiniest Violin is a ‘speed project’ that uses Google’s Project Soli – Alpha Dev Kit combined with the Wekinator machine learning tool and openFrameworks to detect small movements that look like someone playing a tiny violin and translate that to the volume and playback of a violin solo.

10/06/2016 in openFrameworks

Foxes Like Beacons – Open positioning system, and the politics of infrastructures

Created by Jochen Maria Weber, Foxes Like Beacons is an exploratory project using open data of public radio stations with inexpensive, low-power signal detection in order to create an open positioning system.

07/06/2016 in Arduino