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Editor-in-chief at CreativeApplications.Net, co-founder and editorial director at HOLO Magazine, director of platform at FRM and researcher/lecturer at the University of Westminster, London.
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OpenSurgery: DIY surgical robots as a critical alternative to costly healthcare

The OpenSurgery project investigates whether building DIY surgical robots, outside the scope of medical regulations, could plausibly provide an accessible alternative to costly professional healthcare services worldwide.

29/06/2015 in Arduino

High-Speed Horizons – Counterfactual history of supersonic flight

Created by Tim Clark at the Royal College of Art, Design Interactions, High Speed Horizons is a design-driven, critical exploration into technology, innovation, big thinking, and our constantly changing attitudes towards the three, told through projected visions of alternative energies and flight.

25/06/2015 in Theory
Exhibits at the Hall of Science.   Photo by David Handschuh

Connected Worlds – Interactive ecosystem for NYSCI by Design I/O

Created by Cambridge (US) based creative studio Design I/O, Connected Worlds is a large scale immersive, interactive ecosystem developed for the New York Hall of Science.

24/06/2015 in openFrameworks

The Network Ensemble – Device to sonically uncover and amplify the invisible territory of networks

Created by Oliver Smith and Francesco Tacchini, The Network Ensemble is a tool to sonically uncover and amplify the invisible territory of the networks that sit between our offline and online experiences.

23/06/2015 in Arduino&Javascript

Pow2045 – Generative design meets urban choreography

Pow2045 is a dance performance that combines generative design with urban choreography, focusing on a personal perspective towards duetts of man and machine.

16/06/2015 in vvvv

483 Lines – Projecting analogue video picture on 483 nylon threads

483 Lines is the latest installation by Seoul based studio Kimchi and Chips and is comprised of 483 nylon threads with projections calibrated in 3D to the 16m threads using Rulr, an open source node-based toolkit developed by the studio.

05/06/2015 in c++&openFrameworks

Jazz.Computer – Interactive song that responds to the direction of your scrolling

Created by Yotam Mann and Sarah Rothberg, Jazz.Computer is an interactive song which responds to the position and direction of your scrolling .

04/06/2015 in Javascript

Resonating Rotation of a Rigid Body – Matteo Crivella

Created by Matteo Crivella, Resonating Rotation of a Rigid Body is a sonic apparatus that combines sound frequency, vibration and physical property of materials.

01/06/2015 in Sound
The Electric Knife Orchestra by Neil Mendoza_05

The Electric Knife Orchestra by Neil Mendoza

Created by Neil Mendoza, The Electric Knife Orchestra consists of sixteen knives and one meat cleaver (all purchased from the $0.99 store) that have been brought to life to perform the Bee Gee’s hit Stayin’ Alive.

21/05/2015 in Arduino

Deserve – Interactive visual experiment for Bruzed by Nick Hardeman

Created by Nick Hardeman for the music track by Bruzed, Deserve is an interactive visual experiment that comes as a stand alone OSX app.

19/05/2015 in openFrameworks

Rasper, Mutor and Rippler – Mechatronic sound-sculptures by Mo H. Zareei

Created by Mo H. Zareei, Rasper, Mutor and Rippler are a series of mechatronic sound-sculptures inspired by Brutalist architecture. The instruments are grouped into three different categories, based on the material and sound production mechanism they employ.

18/05/2015 in Arduino&Sound

Pixtil – Weaving generative patterns using traditional textile techniques

Pixtil is a French design/product studio that uses new digital drawing tools to create contemporary fabrics. Their latest release is a Large Napkin, made using double-cloth Jacquard weaving. Each piece is unique and numbered, using long textile tradition while incorporating most modern techniques of textile production.

14/05/2015 in openFrameworks&Processing