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Editor-in-chief at CreativeApplications.Net, co-founder and editorial director at HOLO Magazine, director of platform at FRM and researcher/lecturer at the University of Westminster, London.
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F3 [Form From Function] – Playful and powerful 3D design using signed distance functions

Created by Reza Ali, F3, [Form From Function], is a playful and powerful 3D design app that enables you to live code 3D form, rapidly iterate on its design, and export for 3D printing, rendering and animation. F3 uses signed distance functions (SDFs) to build forms – designing 3D forms using 2D image cross sections.

27/09/2016 in Mac

The Beacons – Painting a VR space with light and kinetic motion

Created by TEM in collaboration with Vincent de Belleval, The Beacons is a virtual environment built around a catwalk that uses a dynamic content system piped through a room sized inverted zoetrope, created from 2.5m tall, 0.5 tonne, 60rpm motorised beacons x 3.

20/09/2016 in Environment

Artificial Afterlife – Mystifying technology by connecting to the dead

Created by Amy Whittle, Artificial Afterlife is a personal interpretation of technology through spiritual phenomena. It focusses on mystifying technology, using exposed wires, apparatus and sockets physically connected with the dead.

13/09/2016 in Science

On the Secret Life of Things – Familiar objects, new behaviours

Created by Steffen Hartwig, On the Secret Life of Things is a series of experimental prototypes that explore the new and ubiquitous things of daily life. Using familiar objects, the objects are repurposed, limited to their original function/behaviour but re-imagined for the age of information.

13/09/2016 in Objects

PyroGraph – Drawing machine that listens and burns

Created by Bjørn Karmann in collaboration with Nicolas Armand and Lars Kaltenbach, Pyrograph is a CIID project inspired by the thermal printers used for receipts in all shops. The Pyrograph draws with dots burned with a 450 °C tip on to paper and listen to the ambient sound in the room and distort the same.

12/09/2016 in Arduino&Processing

Our Time – Spatial instrument for manipulating the perception of time

Our Time is the latest large-scale installation by United Visual Artists, investigating the subjective experience of the passing of time. The installation is comprised of 21 bespoke mechanical pendulums that swing at a pace apparently unhindered by the laws of nature and where no single time measurement applies.

08/09/2016 in Environment&Robotics

Folding Patterns – Simulating folded paper structures

Created by Ann-Katrin Krenz, Folding Patterns is an investigation of methods to create three dimensional structures that behave like folded paper and have controllable properties.

01/09/2016 in vvvv

Laser Letters – Typography meets media interaction at The Basel School of Design

Created at The Basel School of Design by the 1st year Visual Communication students, Laser Letters is a group project resulting from a short 6 day course providing an introduction and overview of topics in the realms of typography and media interaction.

31/08/2016 in openFrameworks&Processing

Hansje van Halem + Axidraw – Systems, legibility, and (ir)regularity in typography

Created by Hansje van Halem, an independent graphic designer based in Amsterdam (NL). the following video and images are the latest in the series of experiments that explore tension between a systematic approach, legibility, and (ir)regularity in typography.

29/08/2016 in Robotics

Out of Line – Crowdsourced interactive music video by Moniker and Studio Puckey

Directed and developed by Moniker and Studio Puckey, Out of Line involves hundreds of animated lines being drawn by visitors on top of the music video. All drawn lines are saved on their servers and are then rendered into the video to be seen by future visitors.

23/08/2016 in Javascript

Golem – Morphology and Material in Kinetic Structures

Created by Juncheng Chen, Siyuan Jing and Lydia Zhou at the Bartlett School of Architecture (Interactive Architecture Lab), this project explores possibilities in mobile structures by investigating various strategies for locomotion.

16/08/2016 in Arduino&MaxMSP&Robotics
Equality Analytics_05

Stories of Driverless Governance: Equality Analytics

Created by Corey Chao, Winnie Chang and Melika Leili Alipour at the Parsons, the New School for Design (Transdisciplinary Design), Stories of Driverless Governance: Equality Analytics is speculative design project exploring the world governed by algorithms leading the society towards equality. “In an age of scarcity, the American Dream no longer chases boundless materialism, but instead the […]

15/08/2016 in Theory