NEBELWALD – Holger Lippmann

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  • NEBELWALD is the first series of about 10 different tree/flower generative art works, which have come together over the last 10 years. 
    This project explores a minimalist approach to tree naturalism using a recursive algorithm and includes three traits: a density layer of fog, a measure of tree growth, and the softness of snowfall.
    Press [s] in live view to download a high resolution png.
    Artist notes:
    Since I moved to Wandlitz, north of Berlin, in the middle of the "Naturpark Barnim" (, in 2003,
    I've done a lot of exploring nearby nature. In addition to the beautiful lake and heath landscapes, I fell in love with the wild acacia forests. These strange trees, sometimes more like huge wild grasses, grow so wildly into each other.
    Once I experienced it in a dense fog, which was amazing! beautiful and mysterious at the same time. This has definitely inspired the NEBELWALD work series.
    While playing around with different branching system code snippets, a more and more complex image composition came together. The final script for this project on fx(hash) was finally given more randomness for a wider range of different outputs and an additional random grain filter.
    Project link:
    Many thanks to jesse (jbird) for the good collaboration, which ultimately made it possible to get this work released.
    copyright © 2023 | license cc 4.0 BY-NC-ND
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