• Description
  • 1920x1080 30fps video; 1min seamless loop.  
    by Memo Akten, memo.tv  
    This is the first piece from a new branch in a long on-going series of works, oscillating around (if you pardon the pun) the theme of "Waves" - from ocean waves, to sound waves, to quantum field waves, to social & political waves, ... and now to waves in the crust of the Earth, slow motion waves on geological timescales, mountains.  
    The work was created using a number of different AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques. 
    Personal note:  
    In a tragic foreshadowing, I made this work before the devastating earthquake on February 6th 2023 in Turkey, my home country, and Syria. 100% of all of my primary sales will be donated to rescue and care efforts. 
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