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Deep Web – Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke’s “super-structure” premieres at CTM 2016

A much anticipated collaboration between two Berlin-based greats, Deep Web is a feat of spatial programming that combines the luminous kinetics of Christopher Bauder’s fluidic with the laser orchestra of Robert Henke’s Lumière. Originally commissioned for the Festival of Lights Lyon 2015 (which was postponed after the Paris terror attacks), Deep Web will now see its premiere at CTM 2016 – New Geographies (Jan 29 to Feb 7), before returning to Lyon later in the year. Having taken over the main hall of Kraftwerk Berlin (a former power plant locals will remember fondly from recent editions of Atonal Festival), Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke invoke the networked world as a spectacle of (laser) light, (surround) sound, and (moving) matter on a monumental scale.

“The generative, luminous architectural structure weaves 175 motorized spheres and 12 high power laser systems into a 25 meter wide and 10 meter high super-structure, bringing to life a luminous analogy to the nodes and connections of digital networks. Moving up and down, and choreographed and synchronized to an original multi-channel musical score by Robert Henke, the spheres are illuminated by blasts of colourful laser beams resulting in three-dimensional sculptural light drawings and arrangements in Kraftwerk Berlin’s cavernous darkness.” – CTM Festival

After its opening night on February 2nd, Deep Web will be on view for the remainder of CTM Festival, and close with an extended live performance on Sunday, February 7th. For times and programming details see the festival schedule here.

Deep Web was developed in cooperation with Lyon-based producer Tetro and its artistic production department Tetro+A. Additional expertise was provided by high-end laser system manufacturer LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH.

Deep Web | Christopher Bauder | Robert Henke | CTM Festival 2016


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