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Fluidic – Sculpture in Motion by WHITEvoid

“Rising vapor is forming a cloud and seemingly random particles form a structure like the atoms of a molecule.”


Fluidic – Sculpture in Motion is a new installation for Hyundai’s Advanced Design Center installed for Milan Design Week and created by Berlin based design studio WHITEvoid. The visitor enters a darkened space, the eyes slowly adapt and a dim wall of light in the middle of the room becomes increasingly visible. Wide curved cascading podiums lead up to the core installation As the spectator approaches the virtual walls part and a cloud of iridescent light particles activated by ultrasharp laserbeams becomes visible. All suspended in mid air hovering above a water mirror surface.

The installation wakes up, a singular point appears, the smallest element, the birth of light. More particles are following, accumulating, evaporating – creation of life. When the user gets closer to the installation curious light elements start to flicker and arrange. The visitor can actively engage with the swarm by moving in front of the installation. The swarm of lights will follow. The communication and the visitors is initiated.

Fluidic 3
Concept Rendering

The central core of the FLUIDIC installation the point cloud is composed of 12.000 small translucent spheres. These attached to almost invisible strings. The positions of the spheres in space are arranged seemingly random within the cloud. The algorithm takes into account the position by scanning the arrangement and projecting using 8 high power laser projectors positioned around the installation. Generating bright and dim light points, this creates a highly organic and natural distribution of voxels (3D pixels). Emerging lines and shapes finally form graphical compositions without any sweet or blind spots. Keeping the same density and intensity the FLUIDIC graphics enables their viewers to observe and interact with it from every point of view. Furthermore the installation comes with multiple 3D camera tracking systems that are able to analyze the presence of the visitors, their positions and posture. All joints of the human body are recognized and tracked by the systems constantly. This enables precise three-dimensional interactions with the graphics and elements of the cloud.


Production time took 4 months whereas time from proposal to final installation a total of 7 months including the 15 people core team with 32 helping hands for 3 weeks producing the 4100 strings with 12.000 spheres. Production and installation accuracy in overall setup +- 1 millimeter with 8 lasers with included processing units specifically produced for this installation, communication through LAN connection.

setupA total of 6 Kinect cameras are used for visitor tracking and the software used is VVVV and realtime sound in max for live. The hardware includes one PC for processing 6 kinects tracking data and generating 8 laser graphics output, one macMini for Sound output synced with main PC over LAN and 6 channel sound system plus 2 subwoofers, sound produced and realtime generated in dynamic surround. The whole system is suspended from ceiling and the overall weight of hanging structure is 2,2 tons. Water basin underneath is filled with 6000 liters of water and the total exhibition size over 1000m2. WHITEvoid designed the whole exhibition including podiums, lighting etc…


Christopher Bauder, founder of the design studio WHITEvoid, considers the project as a perfect symbiosis of futuristic technology, aesthetic art and involving the observers. “It’s not only the physical 3D display, but also the organic aspect the visitors create just due to their mere presence, that makes the FLUIDIC project a very unique art experience”, Bauder says.

An interactive realtime 3D simulation of the FLUIDIC installation created with Three.js can be found here: http://www.whitevoid.com/nucleus (Login: whitevoid / Password: nu2012)

FLUIDIC is on display at the Temporary Museum for New Design in Milan until April 14th 2013.

WHITEvoid | Hyundai | fluidicsculptureinmotion.eu


WHITEvoid’s main focus is to transfer bits and bytes into real space and the other way around. With this, Bauder and his team virtuously combine art, design and technology in their projects. The studio develops interactive installations but also products for museums, exhibitions, festivals and concerts. Many projects have been awarded with internationally renowned prizes, among others the reddot design award, iF communication Design Award or the International Media Architecture Award.