Evan Boehm

Evan Boehm is an award winning artist and creative director whose work focuses on stories in virtual and physical spaces with cutting edge technology. With a background in computer engineering and animation, his work ranges from mixed reality experiences to digital installations to animated films to interactive web films, always expressing his interest in narrative structures and character interaction. His goal is to always tell a story in a new, fantastic way using space the medium.

Solace: How We Made the Interactive Speculative Fiction

Part of a new series of posts inviting artists and curators to share latest projects on CAN, we’d like to introduce you to Evan Boehm, and his latest collaboration with Nexus Studios. Solace is an interactive animated film based on celebrated science fiction writer Jeff Noon’s short story about a near future in which marketing and addiction are disturbingly intertwined.

19/01/2017 in Javascript&Members