Manuel Jimenez G. and Gilles Retsin

Manuel Jimenez Garcia is currently Course Master of Research Cluster 4 at the MArch Graduate Architectural Design (GAD) and Unit Master of MArch Unit 19, both at The Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL)(London); he is also curator of the Bartlett Computational Plexus and Programme Director at the Architectural Association’s Visiting School in Madrid (AAVSM). He has taught and run workshops at Architectural Association’s Design Research Laboratory (AADRL) (London), Polytechnic University of Architecture (Madrid), European University Madrid and L’École Spéciale d’Architecture (Paris). Gilles Retsin is a London based architect holding a Masters in Architecture + Urbanism (Dist) from the Architectural Association School of Architecture Design Research Laboratory (AA.DRL). He gained professional experience while working in Germany and Switzerland, as architect with LAVA in Stuttgart, as project architect with Christian Kerez in Zurich and research based practice Kokkugia in London. He lectured and taught extensively across Germany, France, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, the UK and China, most notably at the AA, UCL, Hong Kong University and the ETH in Zurich. His work has been published in Wired, the Guardian/the Observer, Urban Flux, Dezeen, Cnet and the Berliner Zeitung, and was recently exhibited in the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

GAD – RC4 / Computational design methodologies for large-scale 3D printing

RC4 in London researches computational design methodologies for large-scale 3D printing with industrial robots, taking logistical, structural and material constraints as design opportunities to generate non-representational architectural spaces with extreme information density.

27/10/2014 in Environment&Processing