Root – Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
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  • Root, by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez (2022). A pseudo-simulation of plant intelligence and root systems. Each root apex splinters into more apexes that follow similar trajectories in swarm-like patterns. To illustrate a basic response to their surroundings, each root system is confined to an invisible container that the root tips appear to either inspect or repel from, framing the final state. The system is sensitive to the space containing it, so it may grow in another way on different screen sizes. Inspired by The Revolutionary Genius of Plants: A New Understanding of Plant Intelligence and Behavior, by scientist and author Stefano Mancuso. Press ‘s’ key in live mode to save a png. The code that generates this work also contains an essay titled ‘Root: hashing out the concept of regenerative art’ Press the ‘/’ key (a symbol used for the ‘root’ directory) in live mode to save the essay as a txt file (best viewed copy/pasted into a word processor).
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