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rOtal + apps for Android by Binuara

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“Mental rotation is somewhat localized to the right cerebral hemisphere. It is thought to take place largely in the same areas as perception. It is associated with the rate of spatial processing and intelligence” Created by Bence Samu and Ágoston Nagy using Processing, rOtal for Android lets you play with three-dimensional objects by rotating them and finding the identical twin brother of each one. Your goal is to find all pairs before the time runs out – task not so easy at times.

rOtal is part of the series of Processing apps Bence has created for the Android platform. Also worth noting are SoundBow –  a musical instrument which enables tones by drawing curves over the screen and SphereTones – a circular visual instrument which uses ball as a sound generator and pan function for example to change the perspective of the circle thus manipulating different aspects of the sound.

Download from the Android Store | Binuara

Bence Samu and Ágoston Nagy are working and experimenting with the relations of movement, sound and image. They are building software based interfaces, physical installations using free and open source tools.


  • Andreas

    Very beautiful and slick!

  • precociousmouse

    fantastic to see more experimental applications hitting android – I’m sure I will be able to find some use for soundbow in live performances