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The Ballad of the Psychotropic Robots – Eddie Lee

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From a distant intergalactic space-station, the cosmic androids transmit to you uncompressed psychotropic audio-visual technology.

Created by game designer Eddie Lee,”The Ballad of the Psychotropic Robots” is a C++ /OpenGL procedurally generated audio-visual application (windows only dl) that combines “funkadelic spiritual machines” with generative two dimensional graphics – further accompanied by ocasional (+ accidental) glitch .

The application was developed using C++ and OpenGL. It uses a customized game engine called “FunkEngine”, which was also used to create Kyoto. It uses fmod for handling sound and has bindings to GameMonkey Script. The animation system borrows heavily from the concept of “tweening” and is inspired by the TweenLite library.

Programming/concept by Eddie Lee. Audio design by Jack Menhorn.

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  • Eddie

    Thanks for posting my project! Quite nice to see it up on this site. :)

  • Clement

    The animation is sure clean and smooth, but why using a single pattern ? I wish this was more accomplished.
    @Eddie : do you plan to do more based on this work ?

  • Eddie

    This project is pretty much complete. Maybe I will add some DSP stuff in the future for that interactive element