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Phénomène [Java]


Created by Christopher Warnow, Phénomène is a promotional film for a collection by fashion designer Laura Reuss. 3D scenes are programmed in Java using Toxiclibs Physics developed by Karsten “toxi” Schmidt and rendered using the Sunflow Library.

More renders are available on Christopher’s flickr.

Styling: Laura Reuss
Photographer: Andreas Chudowski
Models: Katja Dreyhaupt and Lina Eulitz
Make-Up: Susann Marleen Kuster and Aylin Wiener
3D and Motiondesign: Christopher Warnow
Music: Like Spinning Plates – Radiohead

Christopher is a 27-year old interface design student in Potsdam/Germany, living in Berlin and a member of the We Are Chopchop Collective.

For more renders created using Sunflow, check out this flickr group. If you’d like to get your processing 3d sketches to render using Sunflow, see tutorial here.

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