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Study of real-time 3D Internet by Akihiko Taniguchi

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Screen recording has been used to record out digital activity for some time not to mention as a way to archive and share real-time experiments. What happens when the screen recording process is in itself a way to navigate the web, or what if in real time we are able to reflect on our interaction with the computer itself.

Created by Akihiko Taniguchi, Study of real-time 3D Internet is an experiment that explores interaction on the web from the 3rd point perspective. As the user navigates the internet, he/she can project themselves beyond the two dimensional screen into three-dimensional environment recorded by the Kinect. In this experiment the 3d environment created using openFrameworks is presented in still state and using Syphon Recorder user’s screen interaction is projected within the scene.

The project raises a number of questions related to how we may both engage with online content, it’s effect on our physical environment as well as our own experience of ourselves interacting online.

Akihiko Taniguchi

See also Kyle McDonald’s People Staring At Computers project.