Klangteppich – Andreas Rau

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  • Klangteppich is an invitation to slow down and feel a sense of home in our fast-paced, mobile world — wherever you may fare. It creates a calming virtual enclosure, and a physical base to rest on.
    Klangteppich is a woven work that belongs to the physical as much as to the digital world. You can touch it, feel it, hang it on a wall, sit on it, roll it up and take it with you. Originating from code, it is digital at heart, yet physical in nature. A blend of age-old weaving techniques with digital aesthetics and production methods. 
    Klangteppich is a digital piece that slowly evolves in endless reverberations. The visuals and music change as you view the piece. So does the tapestry, only slower. The abstract shapes and patterns reference the aesthetics of weave patterns while remaining digital in essence. The soundscape incorporates audio recordings of the loom, a remnant of the physical piece within the digital.
    Alongside the live-generated visuals and music, the code produces the instructions for the loom. Every frame of the animation can be woven. Holders of a Klangteppich NFT will be able to order a tapestry (ca. 66 x 106 cm) of any frame of the digital piece. This will come at an additional cost, and will take some time to produce.
    Read more on andreasrau.eu/klangteppich
    Basic controls:
    - [space / click] -> play / pause
    - [f] -> view in fullscreen
    - [p] -> display weave pattern
    - [b] -> show back side
    - [s] -> save current frame
    - [r] -> start / stop recording
    Audio / video recording is done using RecordRTC by muazkhan.com, MIT licence
    js, glsl, tone.js, html, css
    Andreas Rau, 2023
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