L-Poem – Agoston Nagy

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  • Metapoetry.
    Following the traditions of concrete poetry, cut-up methodology, typewriter art and conceptual experiments, this piece is transforming metadata of generative token #22568 into visual poetry. The image structure is built from a randomly selected iteration of “L-Template” by reading the available drawing instructions from its features and combining them with the name of its owner.
    The arrangement of the letters is based on this formula. This rule also becomes the title of the rendered piece, which can be seen on the bottom of the scene. The titles are supplemented with the names of the collectors, who become co-authors of the final composition. Where there is no registered fx-hash user name for the selected token, “anonymous collector” will be displayed instead as the author. 
    Being an artwork that is built on the features of another token, L-Poem intends to be a meta-token, a quasi-tautological, entangled entity whose existence is ensured by the immutable ledger environment.  
    Permutate letters by pressing ‘p’ on your keyboard.
    Touch to switch token
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