Gerhard – Leander Herzog & Richard Nadler

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  • Gerhard is a collaboration of Richard Nadler and Leander Herzog on fxhash. A generative animation based on multiple layers of color and data, mixed, moved and painted over in realtime. Some fragments stick to the canvas while others get discarded to leave the existing layers visible, allowing a complex surface to emerge and build up over time. 
    Richard Nadler created the textures to control composition and color. Leander Herzog created the code for the interplay between the layers, motion and interactions. Both artists use different tools and are not aware of the details of each others process, meeting through the interface of pixels. This collaboration is enabled by twitter and fxhash, as the generative art community continues to explore abstraction in summer 2022 – while extreme temperatures, wildfires, ongoing conflicts and volatile markets continue to escalate. 
    - Click to start a new layer of motion and color. 
    - Doubleclick to enter fullscreen mode. 
    - Press “s” to save the current canvas. 
    - Append ?dpr=4 to the url to increase the resolution.
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