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µtagger Alpha: A GML Field Recorder [c++, Objects]

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Last September, GML group launched The GML Field Recorder Challenge. The project was an invitation to artists and hackers to design a DIY hardware and software solution for unobtrusively recording graffiti motion data during a graffiti writer’s normal practice in the city. The winning project would receive 1,200 euros.

Earlier this year, our guest writer and contributor Joshua Noble took on the challenge by creating a custom piece of hardware for recording graffiti tags that costs no more than $170.97 or 126.81 Euros. The setup is simply based around using an optical mouse that knows how it’s being tilted. The ultra-bright LED was installed to ensure that the mouse can read properly off the wall, a combination of special lenses, acrylic cut casing, batteries, SDCard slot, Teensy++ board, and a bunch of wires. Once you have your tagged data saved on the SDCard, it’s easy enough to use it in one of freely available GML processing/openFrameworks apps to visualize or cut templates.

Josh has posted a detailed walkthrough the making with code and templates available for download.

Next steps include  trying out some different optical sensors like the ADNS9550 for higher resolution and he will also be making an iPod/iPhone OF app that you can use with a simple chip plugged into the bottom of the iPhone to grab signals directly from the tagger and live log.

More info on Josh’s blog.