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Rhythmic Gymnastics – Denso robotic arm and the sensibility of human movement

Created by the team at FIG.- Amana Prototyping Lab in Japan, Rhythmic Gymnastics is a practical experiment using a Denso VS-050S2 robotic arm. The team’s work has been concerned with developing techniques that extend the possibilities of visual representation. In this experiment the aim is to represent the sensibility of human movement using harsh robot mechanics.


The team classified all the basic movements which are commonly used for ribbon performances in rhythmic gymnastics and transformed them into algorithm and systematized ribbon performances. A total of five movements were successfully represented and drawn using openFrameworks which were simulated in the virtual 3d environment. The robot arm follows from one movement to the other, collected in the video below as a single performance.

Hardware: Robot arm (Denso VS-050S2), Stick (Glass fiber, 600mm), Ribbon (Rayon, 4M)
Software: openFrameworks (openGL, TCP/IP, ofxGui)

Credits: Takeshi Nagasawa (Concept / Art Direction), Yosuke Shigemura (Movie Direction), Kaz Koyama (Direction Of Photography), Ryo Sugiyama (Direction), Takanari Miisho (Robotics / Programming), Takahiro Niimura and Naoki Hamaguchi (Concept), Shunsuke Kamata (Production)

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