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Cycles 720 – Hybrid visual/audio sequencer by Craig Allan


Cycles 720 is an hybrid visual/audio sequencer by Craig Allan aka Numbercult built using VVVV and Ableton Live with a custom M4L patch. Circle/Line interactions trigger percussion: rhythm and swing are dictated by the size, number of circles, their degree of separation, orientation and elasticity of each collision.

Numbercult | | more images on Flickr

Craig explores comunication between abstract sound and visual worlds u sing realtime immersive audiovisual installations, interactive digital scultptures and live performances. He specialises in music production, sound design and real-time generative graphics for large scale media environments. 

See also Cube with Magic Ribbons by Simon Katan, Dial by Hiroshi Matoba and ShapeSeq for iOS by Paul Apfrod


    • anonymous

      Is this available for download anywhere

    • Matt Lundstrom

      How does one actually sequence with this sequencer? Looks more like an audio visualization.