Celine Wong Katzman Taeyoon Choi

Celine Wong Katzman is a Singaporean-American writer, curator, and educator based in New York. Her research is concerned with time-based media, performance, and other forms critically engaged with new technologies. Celine is committed to supporting historically overlooked practitioners in these areas. Currently, she works as a teaching assistant at the School for Poetic Computation and is completing a year-long curatorial fellowship at the Queens Museum. Taeyoon Choi is an artist, writer and organizer. He’s a co-founder of School for Poetic Computation in New York City. In 2019, Taeyoon is working on Distributed Web of Care with a critical perspective towards technology, ethics, justice and sensitivity to the concept of personhood.

SFPC Spring 2019 Student Showcase

SFPC tutors Celine Wong Katzman and Taeyoon Choi reflect on yet another successful session at the artist run school in New York. SFPC Fall 2019 Open Call is live now!

21/06/2019 in Arduino&iOS&Javascript&MaxMSP&openFrameworks&Python&WebApp

School for Poetic Computation – Fall 2016 Final Showcase

In the final week of the last year’s fall 10-week program at the School for Poetic Computation (SFPC), students presented their work in progress and its underly ideas in a public showcase. Here is a selection of projects that were presented.

05/01/2017 in Education

Teaching and learning at SFPC, Conversation with Allison Parrish and Surya Mattu

School for poetic computation (SFPC) is a hybrid of school, artist residency and research group in New York City. One of it’s founders, and teachers, Taeyoon Choi speaks to two artists who taught at SFPC, about their experience of teaching and artistic research.

08/06/2015 in Education

School for poetic computation (SFPC) – Call for the Fall 2014 term

School for poetic computation (SFPC) recently opened a new call for participants for the Fall 2014 term. In this post, Taeyoon Choi, one of the co-founders and teachers at the SFPC, looks back.

28/07/2014 in Education