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SoundShapes by Queasy Games now available for PS Vita / PS3

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Sound Shapes is a musical game, designed by Jonathan Mak, Shaw-Han Liem and developed by Queasy Games in collaboration and contributing artists including Proud guise, Deadmau5, Jim Guthrie, Beck, Vic Ngyuen of Capy, Pyramid Attack, PixelJam and Superbrothers.

In a nutshell, Sound Shapes is a 2D musical platformer in which every level is a song. You pick up the notes placed in the level to construct the music, but at the same time the creatures (friend or foe) and interactive objects are instruments too. Also included is a full level editor and online community which will allow you to share your creations across the entire world, reaching players on both PS3 and PS Vita no matter which version you’re using.

Here is how  describes the experience:

A bit over a year ago, the fine folks at Queasy Games were kind enough to ask me to help out with the visual design of their new game, Sound Shapes. Since then, I’ve worked on various visual elements of the game: from the logo (above), to the menus, to the playable character (“The Player”), and all sorts of bits in between. I even briefly dabbled in animation for the first time. It’s been my main job for almost a year now (and in development for YEARS before that), and I can’t believe it’s finally finished! So many amazing people worked on this game. Artists, musicians, programmers, designers, producers, all super-talented. Too many awesome people to list in one post! It’s actually kind of crazy. You’ll just have to look at the credits. I had such a fun time in Toronto working with them. Definitely a highlight of my life so far. Major learning experience. Something I will never forget! – more

Jon Mak of Queasy Games shows some of the capabilities of the level editor.

SoundShapes is available now for PS Vita and PS3 and a must have title. It is a cross-play title meaning whether you buy it on PS3 or PS Vita, you receive both versions for one price. It costs $14.99 USD (Or $11.99 if you have a PS+ membership). | Sound Shapes on PSN

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