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Reactor for Awareness in Motion (RAM) by Yoko Ando and YCAM

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Project “Reactor for Awareness in Motion” at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts at [YCAM], is involved with the research and development of tools for creative dance with the aim of exploring the possibility of using new media technology in dance. Heading the project is Yoko Ando, a dancer, working together with software developers from the US and Japan.

When caught, rather than those born from and directing choreography predetermined dance, shall be generated from the interaction, such as a space on the stage and the body and  environment, as well as for each position of the body Different dance should rise. (auto translated from Japanese)

The body of the dancer is virtually set with conditions of the digital environment using tools that feed back information to the dancer. Dancer seeks out “instruction” or “rules” through the tool and responding with movement. Technologies such as motion capture are being used to detect the movement, converting the same to visuals, sound and vibration. The aim is to eventually package the tools as “RAM Dance Toolkit” and release it as open-source along with the instructions. The project also aims to expand educational programs using the results of the research.

Research and Development:YCAM InterLab
Artist and Adviser: Yoko Ando
Technical direction:Takayuki Ito (YCAM Interlab), Richi Owaki (YCAM Interlab)
Software design and Development: Yoshito Onishi, Satoru Higa, Motoi Shimizu, Kyle McDonald, Takayuki Ito
Sensor device design and construction: Yoshito Onishi
Sound design: Masashi Heirakuji
Cooperated Dancers: Amancio Gonzalez, Cyril Baldy, Yasutake Shimaji, Riley Watts (The Forsythe Company)
Technical advice: Masaki Teruoka
Sensor suites design and creation: Ryoko Kataoka (atelier a.p.r), Richi Owaki(YCAM Interlab)

Producer:Akiko Takeshita, Naoko Shiomi (YCAM)
Supervision: Kazunao Abe (YCAM)

Organized by: Yamaguchi City Foundation for Cultural Promotion in association with: Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi City Board of Education. Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2012 with special support from Goethe Institut. Equipment cooperation: NAC Image Technology, Motion Analysis Corporation, Color Kinetics Japan Incorporated


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