SOLE – Artificial sun by Quiet Ensemble

Created by Quiet Ensemble, ‘SOLE’ is a 360 degree video-mapping that, thanks to the use of 49 video projectors, simulates the movement of the sun around the inside the hall of the Salone degli Incanti in Trieste. The installation alludes to the ephemerality of the border between natural and artificial, real and virtual, evoking the possibility of a delicate and invisible technology.

SOLE reflects on the profound transformation that technology has made in the context of many of our life experiences, which have in fact become increasingly virtual and mediated by an invisible artificial intelligence.

Quiet Ensemble has created an artificial scenario of lights and shadows, which redesigns all the surfaces of the architectural frame of the Salone degli Incanti. This leads the visitor to cross an unreal context, to travel in a time and in a space that are distant hours, days or light years from our here and now. The use of multimedia technologies in this case does not intend to generate a virtual reality, but aims to disappear, accompanying the experience along imaginary, but possible paths. Paths that alienate us from the naturalness of experience or broaden our horizons.

In its core, the installation is a 360 ° video-mapping. It requires video projectors to cover all the surfaces of the site, in order to recreate the “real” sensation of the sun which illuminates the space in its entirety. The team looked for opportunities where sunlight would naturally enter the area (windows or other openings to the outside). At the same time, it was important to position video projectors away from the eyes of spectators. The full 3d model of the space was created using photographic scan and taking measurements of the location. Next step was to determine the location of video projectors and audio speakers. Since this varies location to location, columns, beams act as attachment points. Simultaneously, a careful study is produced on the choice of projectors in terms of optics, brightness, position and inclination to guarantee the complete coverage of all the surfaces of the location. The result is a combination of several workstations with a number of video outputs, one for each projector, all synchronised with each other through timecode, while with the madmapper software control the content management and the calibration of the mapping, blending, meshwarping and color calibration. Depending on the location, Brightsign could also be used, one for each projector. Calibrate the mapping (blending, warping, color calibration) with their laptops and then upload the videos to the Brightsign, connected to each other via ethernet for synchronization.

SOLE was presented as a part of exhibition of the INFN – Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, promoted by the Comune di Trieste
and the Fondazione Internazionale Trieste, created in collaboration with the ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI TECNOLOGIA.

Project Page | Quiet Ensemble

Credits: Sound design and tech: Vincenzo Pedata
Graphic design: Nadya Aksenöva
Videomapping consultancy and setup: Daniele Spanò
3D and modeling : Francesco Bruno Vitieri
Video setup, mapping assistant and drone: Natan Andrea Ruzza
Video editing: Marcello Rotondella
Curator: Vincenzo Napolano



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