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Digital Chronophotography [Processing]

If you were enjoyed the ‘Venetian Mirror’ (2009) by Fabrica piece at the current Decode exhibition at V&A you might especially like this post by Heino Boekhout exploring the concept of Digital Chronophotography. The article describes experiments which record several phases of movement into a single image using the Processing and a webcam or a set of jpg images. Included also is the source code you can use to try the experiments yourself. The app uses the webcam or a sequence of images to present light or dark movement visualisation from a fixed viewpoint or multiple if you like to take the experiment that one step further.

Chronophotography is a Victorian application of science (the study of movement), and art (photography). It is the technique precursor to cinematography developed by French scientist Étienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904). His revolutionary idea was to record several phases of movement on one photographic surface. In 1890 he published a substantial volume entitled Le Vol des Oiseaux (The Flight of Birds), richly illustrated with photographs, drawings, and diagrams. He also created stunningly precise sculptures of various flying birds (read more on wikipedia)

Download the Processing source code here.

Use the UP arrow key to activate light blending
Use the DOWN arrow key to activate light blending
Use the ALT key to activate screencapture every 30 seconds
Images are saved in the project folder

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