Augmented Shadow: Inside – Joon Moon

“Augmented Shadow”, devised by Joon Moon, refers to a device and experience that implements a form of augmented reality using shadows. This device creates an alternate reality by superimposing virtual shadows on the actual shadows of objects according to the angle of the lighting device that the audience controls.

“Inside” is an immersive art installation that projects shadows on a stage with a floor of 10 X 10 M and walls of 6 M high. The scale of shadows is 1:1 and the audience can enter the shadows, which is the first trial among the series. Objects such as doors, windows, walls, and chairs are on the stage. Their shadows display a virtual scene that connects with the real scene through the doors and windows. The audience participates in a story by lighting and revealing the world that the two scenes are constructing.

This story shows shadow people coming and going between the virtual scene and the real world. The audience meets and interacts with them when they appear in the real world. Their actual bodies are not visible but only can be observed with black shadows. However their reality, a full colored world can be observed when the audience looks out the windows from the center of the stage. The audience observes them from the real world, but they also observe the audience from their own world. At the same time, the other members of the audience observe the stage from outside. Thus, the audience finds themselves an active part of the story.

“Inside” creates the fun of observation between overlaid layers of reality. Furthermore it experiments with how high levels of presence the audience would experience from this shadow world, and where the audience would play this game around the real-virtual boundary.

Joon Moon

Credits :
art & engineering by Joon Moon
3D art by Woosuk Lee
animation by Dongyup Lee
support received from : Paradise Art Lab, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

Tech : Unity, customized electric device using LED, HTC Vive tracker and base station,