Arduino, Processing
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Conditional_Lover – A physical bot that automates your Tinder

Created by Saurabh Datta, Conditional_Lover is a bot that unlike its counterparts that live hidden in servers, has a physical appearance with a task to automate your Tinder using its “eyes” and “fingers”. It does this by analysing photos on your phone (webcam) and then selects or rejects it (prongs) based on an algorithm that combines your preferred age, golden ratio, smile, glasses, ethnicity etc.

Softwares have long been seen as just programs but with rise in trends of their mastery some of us always ask this question of their being, action and creations. Thus objectifying it, came with an aim to make it more debatable in those terms. The underlying intention was to see what it takes for conditional logics to appear as pseudo unconscious AI. A kind of idiosyncratic manipulation of rule-based behaviour to achieve different ends, reflecting on human dependency over software decisions.

The machine/bot was designed to mimic human behaviour when interfacing with mobile device. The web camera is a replacement for vision, how we observe while the two prongs mimic gestural interaction with a mobile device. The bot uses your preferred preferences and performs actions based on the extracted information from the images of girls. It is intentionally enabled not to learn but just to act.

The project was made using Arduino, servos and a web cam. Software includes openssl, python, Processing, bash and Tumblr API.

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