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nanoKey Experiments [Processing, Sound]

Created by Amnon Owed,  this is an experiment using KORG nanoKEY and Processing to create visual interpretation of sound into objects. While a tone is played, all objects originating from that tone grow in size. The strength that is used to tap the keys (velocity) affects the object’s initial location on the screen. So depending on how the keyboard is played, different visual compositions are created. In this case, Amnon is playing with black and white circles resulting in some quite bold but beautiful graphic compositions.

The midi signal is sent to Ableton Live simultaneously. I wasn’t feeling the audio though, so I decided to use another track instead. In the end it works out pretty well. Starting out purely as a proof-of-concept experiment, I didn’t really go overboard with the complexity of the visuals. I’m a sucker for circles anyway, but with the black-and-white the result is pretty stylish in my opinion.

Amnon Owed is a graphic designer currently located in the Hague, the Netherlands. His interests are graphic design, visual programming, sound design, motion graphics & animation. See more of his work at amnonp5.wordpress.comhis Flickr and Cargo.

Posted on: 18/07/2010

Posted in: Processing, Sound

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    • Nels Beckman

      Yeah, I’m also interested in the code, as I’m trying to read the NanoKey from Processing.