plant_bot – Interdependency

plant bot is a time based interactive art installation where the fates of a living plant and a computer are interdependent. Essentially the plant attempts to train a computer using image recognition. Through this process the computer will learn to recognize when the plant needs water based on images it takes of the plant.

Call for Researchers to join Antikythera

Applications are now open for Antikythera’s Studio, which will host 15-18 international, interdisciplinary Studio Researchers from February to June 2023. The program is free and includes a housing provision and a monthly stipend of 4000 USD (or equivalent when not in Los Angeles). All travel and other associated program costs will also be covered by the program.

Call for Submissions: CURRENTS Festival 2023

CURRENTS New Media is now accepting submissions for our 2023 art and technology festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Every summer since 2010, CURRENTS New Media presents one of the leading art and technology festivals in the United States. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, CURRENTS brings together diverse, boundary-pushing works of established and…

MAN-NAHĀTA – The land of many hills

In their continued effort to seek out an equilibrium between man-made and nature, MAN-NAHĀTA is the latest project by OXMAN (previously Mediated Matter Group at the MIT Media Lab). The project is a top-down master planning braved by bottom-up-design in the place where the grid was once a garden.

World Wind Radio

Wind is the natural movement of air. It can move clouds, dust, seeds, and sound across oceans and mountains. It is the immigration of life itself. It doesn’t care for humankind’s made-up borders. It ignores the requirements of citizenship or the laws of censorship. Wind comes and goes as it pleases.  World Wind Radio is an…

FoodLovers by ONUT

FoodLovers is a collection of 595 images showing 85 recipes from 21 countries. This project began the same day the Russo-Ukrainian war started. It is a call to action. We want to send a message of optimism to the world. We reflected on: What’s one thing that unites people no matter their beliefs? Anything that…

FILE FESTIVAL 2022 – July and August Exhibitions

Electronic Language International Festival – FILE has reestablished its annual activities and invites artists, students, academics and the general public to know about the projects SUPERCREATIVITY, ANIMA+GAMES and Sticker Exhibition, in July and August 2022. Access the complete project’s content at FILE FESTIVAL. In this edition, the festival shows more than 230 artworks that seek to overcome obstacles…