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Kontrol [iPhone, Sound]


Kontrol is an experimental music toy by Johan Halin, a minimal techno composition where you control both the visuals and musical structure. The application was developed by Ab Parasol Oy. To make things happen, slowly push the blue buttons.

I always thought of AppStore as a great platform to publish music. This is a great example of how music on a digital device should sound/play. See also Re<ords.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: Ab Parasol Oy


  • This is actually a really useless app. I enjoy sound toys usually, and see at least some value in most of them. Kontrol—is rubbish.

  • I think the cost of it might be debatable but when you think of it as a music track with interactive options it makes a lot more sense. I know there are a lot of apps in the AppStore for 0.99 that have a lot more functionality …but I like this think of this as Music 1st – App Behaviour/Interactivity 2nd….rather than vice versa as most sound toys are. Hope this makes sense..

  • Developer of Kontrol here. I can confirm that the music 1st, interactivity 2nd approach is exactly what I was going for. :) As in, it's a techno track where the user controls the structure, that's it really.

  • TheRicker

    Craig is 5 years old and just learned to speak a scaled down form of English. Kontrol is actually a great app if you enjoy listening and moving around a minimal techno environment. If you don’t understand that, its not for you.