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Kinect NYC Subway [openFrameworks, Kinect]

Candid shots from Union Square NYC subway created using Kinect and SLR camera by James George in collaboration with Alexander Porter. Video is forthcoming but for now only images below. We couldn’t wait but post these 3D fragments of time and space recorded in public. So good!

Created using openFrameworks. For full set of images, see James’ flickr.

/via @factoryfactory

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Posted on: 13/02/2011

Posted in: openFrameworks

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    • Rabot le Nabot

      Omg, can’t wait to watch the video. this look so NICE.

    • Andreas Förster

      somehow, this feels like the beginning of recording history not only with sound, photos or on video – but also as 3D environments. man, it’s great to live in these fascinating times!