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Lucid [vvvv, Kinect]


“Sometimes it seems as if I were looking at myself from the outside. As if the imaginary camera eye moved away from first person view to third person view. I think it is an error in perception. Brain creates reality in itself after all and senses are only reference points for its creation. But I know what a feeling it is. It is as to look at the whole chaos of life from from above and to feel the line around which new events spring up. It is a united line which is the median of everything that happens.”

The interface by Boris Vitázek uses kinect as input via vvvv. The piece represents the first version of software that Boris plans to evolve into a more complex type of performance. Boris also sees it as something that could be a musical instrument which includes a combination of object and body control.

The piece originated from the impulse at kinect workshop in progressbar and it was displayed as an output of this workshop at the festival Multiplace 2011 in Bratislava.

/found via gamescenes.org