Down to Earth – A Kinetic Audio Visual Installation by RAW

Down to Earth is an installation that uses electronics as its form of expression. No matter how loud we get to pronounce that mother earth is crying, we are going down the hill with no brakes at all. Despite all the ignorance, moreover, we neglect the case of projecting a future with the scarcity of land for a living. The population of humans on earth is increasing with an unavoidable multiplication. The generosity of the earth has been abused severely by senseless authorities for the sake of a better future. Now we are striving to draw the future to happen right now. People are eager to land on another planet to cherish their colonial instinct with an insidious wonder. But we have the earth, with its marvelous landscapes, the earth sits still to be seen and respected well. In this piece, one will observe a moving ground that represents earth writhing with pain.

RAW is a live coding duo (Selcuk ARTUT, Alp TUGAN) creating experimental Audio Visual Performances. Performances are composed of improvisational live coded sonic structures accompanied by pre-programmed interactive visual materials. Performed at various Electronic Music and Media Events in places like Berlin, Tokyo, London, Helsinki, Istanbul, Belgrade, Vienna; RAW invites the audience to immerse into the performance visually by using additional top cameras, and code views projected on large displays. Sonically the audial experience moves into the fields of noise, electronic, techno, minimal, and ambient genres with improvisational forms.

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