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HOLO 2.5 Launched!

HOLO is ending the year with a bang: a new website. Launched six weeks ago,
HOLO.mg expands the print magazine into a more robust, ‘always on’ editorial and curatorial platform. Already a hub of activity, two major research projects are underway, and a slate of new stories and favourites from the HOLO archive are due in 2021.

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Call for Submissions: CURRENTS New Media 2021

Call for Submissions: CURRENTS New Media 2021Submission Deadline: February 1, 2021Notified by: March 15, 2021Festival Dates: June 18 – 27, 2021 CURRENTS New Media is now accepting digital media art submissions in the fields of: Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Environments Multimedia Performance  Desktop Experiences  Every summer since 2010, CURRENTS New Media has been putting on one of…

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Digital Exhibit Master – Post graduate specialization course – Venice


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object blue & TSVI: Thought Experiment – Organic to electronic evolutionary processes

Created by Matteo Zamagni, this video speculates the shift from organic to electronic evolutionary processes. Cybernetic organisms, partly made of organic structures and part electronic components respond to their environment in a variety of ways at an ever-increasing speed.

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Digital Atmosphere – a Mixed Reality sculpture reacting to air pollution in real time

Digital Atmosphere is a Mixed Reality experience from internationally renowned digital artist duo Daria Jelonek and Perry-James Sugden, known as Studio Above&Below. The piece looks at how technology and art can illuminate the quality of air, usually invisible to the naked eye, and bring us an urgent step closer to a sustainable future. At a…

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#makeamericagreatagain — The potential of destructive rhetoric

A four year old project, which gets a new relevance due to current events: The project was created during the fall semester 2016 – it was the time of the US presidential election campaign 2016. Trump was running for president and his slogan „Make America Great Again“ was one of the most tweeted hashtags. The…

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VR Projects @ ECAL MID 2020 – Object, Body, Movement and Environment

Four projects by students at ECAL (Media Interaction Design) explore the possibilities of VR. From alternative interfaces and public space to architectural interface and what its like to experience the environment of yellow ants.

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Pump and Surf – Exchanging physical energy for digital information

Created by Aurélien Pellegrini at ECAL , ‘Pump and Surf’ encourages internet users to find out how much energy is spent when they are surfing the internet. The user is asked to make a physical effort equal to the energy required to convey the data that will enable the site to be displayed.

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“High in Heaven,” a music video shot and performed by drones

Hobbes, a design and animation studio out of Detroit, MI, partnered with VWLS and Firefly Drone Shows to produce the music video for “High in Heaven,” performed and shot by drones.

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Pellow. Through the looking glass of web browsers.

The first web browser was created 30 years ago! Today Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari are among the most widely used software applications. They provide citizens around the globe an access point to a stellar network of information, public services, business and knowledge. Pellow is an interactive installation that reveals what happens under the hood…

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Invisible Network – A ‘social network’ for the machines

‘Invisible Network’ is a portable device that makes communication between machines perceptible and tangible. This device acts as a mediator between the user and the machines that surround him. Through its screen, it indicates the relations that it maintains with its personal environment.

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Through this artwork, I am aiming to create a method to visualize empathy. When you touch animals, you can feel their power, for example, the heartbeat, the body temperature, the texture of the fur or skin, and so on. This is also true when we simply hug another person. There are times when, through a…

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Unknown Territories: Searching for Islands – Vinzenz Aubry and Merani Schilcher

How does one find a place of which you don’t know if it exists? When looking for information online, you are probably most familiar with finding such using a search engine but the search is only as successful as you make it. It largely relies on how much you already know beforehand. “Unknown Territories” marks…

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CITY – Beata Kępa

Created by Beata Kępa, ‘city’ is an interactive spatial installation which reacts to movement with light. It is inspired by Japanese urban areas and the anime aesthetic. The high-tech Japanese cities are like an amusement park in which our senses are being mixed up. These are places where the boundaries of personal space constantly get…

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Sai Ga / KJZAA# – Ksawery Komputery

Created by Ksawery Komputery, the work is comprised of is a video and the promotional website for Sai Ga, taking on the graphic theme and having a close look at pixels.

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The Entropy Gardens – A spatiotemporal poem in VR

Created by Vienna based Depart, ‘The Entropy Gardens’ is an explorative VR experience that challenges one of humanity’s most archetypical art forms – garden making. It explores its myths, aesthetics and modes of perception.

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The Tyranny of Birds

The Tyranny of Birds by Neil Mendoza empowers bread to escape its avian oppressors. The installation consists of a flock of robotic bread birds that take flight when real birds appear on the screens surrounding them. It was created for The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh during an artist residency there. Each bird starts life as…

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24h Sunrise/Sunset – The beauty of unsecured CCTV cameras

Created by Dries Depoorter, ’24h Sunrise/Sunset’ is an installation that displays a realtime sunset and sunrise somewhere happening in the world with the use of CCTV.

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Algae Bio-Reactor – Visualizing Data with Algae

Created by RAD at the University of Miami School of Architecture  (http://www.rad-um.com/),  Algae Bio-Reactor is a proof-of-concept prototype for a facade system that uses algae to sequester carbon, filter water and visualize data. The Algae Bio-Reactor prototype houses 64 jars in an 8 x 8 matrix.  Each jar is connected to individually addressable LEDs controlled…

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CURRENTS Virtual Festival 2020: Aug 21-30

currentsvirtual.com#Join us for CURRENTS New Media’s 11th annual (but 1st online) festival August 21-30!#Check out currentsvirtual.com for an updated schedule of events, performances and more!#CURRENTS VIRTUAL is an adaptation and a re-imagination of how it looks to present new media art. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, CURRENTS strives to embed experimental new media in…

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On Framing Textile Ambiguities – Nathalie Gebert

Created by Nathalie Gebert, ‘On Framing Textile Ambiguities’ is artistic research on situated objectivities at the intersection of textile processing and computer history. The installation is the output of a critical investigation on social and technical developments that led to the current local technological situation. Beyond being a metaphor for the theoretical framework of Donna…

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Wetlands – A web-based interactive ecosystem, poetically visualising living data and user interactions

Wetlands is a poetic data visualisation using Lucy’s own brainwaves in response to material stimulation as a tool to ‘inhabit’ the identity, translated as a digital landscape. Developed in consultation with specialists in the field of neuroscience, a wearable headset was used to monitor electrical brain activity (EEG) and heart-rate through blood circulation (PPG), measuring…

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A studio sun system with light-artist Arnout Meijer – Random Studio

Created by Random Studio in collaboration with Arnout Meijer and RWA Electronics, the project is comprised of a lighting system in Random’s studio that emulates the movement of the sun and the ever-evolving states of natural light.

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[Sinusoidal Noise] – A study of movement in sinusoidal chaos

Sinusoidal Noise is a modular light installation that uses random oscillating patterns to create a larger sense of movement. The work comprises 98 pixels each of which fades on and off at a unique frequency. These slow, detuned oscillations create the illusion of shapes emerging, where light appears to pass between pixels as they move…

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Looom – Flipbook animation app for the iPad, reimagined

Looom is a flipbook animation app for the iPad, reimagined. It invites users to a new way of creating hand-drawn animation.

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Silk Pavilion II – Mediated Matter Group at the MoMA

Latest in the series of groundbreaking projects by Mediated Matter Group (MIT Media Lab) is the new successor to the Silk Pavilion (2013) project, results currently on show (subject to COVID-19 restrictions) at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The project utilizes an integrated kinetic mandrel designed to guide the natural spinning motion…

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“Live code your track live” / Umanesimo Artificiale 1st Album Release

“Live code your track live” Umanesimo Artificiale multimedia label first release  Preview: 27.06.2020 (24h online A/V streaming)Release: 28.06.2020 (Bandcamp) ‘Live code your track live’ is live code sound at its finest!  93 minutes of the purest sounds coded live by an international community of live coders. The 16 tracks (+1 bonus track by Renick Bell)…

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Darling is the wind blowing today? – Reflecting on energy and immediacy

Darling is the wind blowing today? is an interactive installation, demonstrating the reality of energy generation and use in a relatable, magical, everyday act – listening to music. In March 2019, President Donald Trump spoke to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, unscripted and on a wide range of subjects. Among these, he mocked…

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Face Nature – Future of the head and sensory apparatus

Created by Madeline Schwartzman, “Face Nature” is a series of experiments produced within the context of See Yourself X: Human Futures Expanded (SYX), a recent publication by Madeline that looks at human perception and the sensory apparatus and questions what will be the physical future of the head and the sensory apparatus in fifty years time.

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Aberration Lab – Participatory light drawing

Created by VTProDesign, ‘Aberration Lab’ is a participatory art experience that alchemizes user-submitted tweets into long exposure light paintings drawn in real time by a Kuka robot.

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Sensory Responsive Drawing Machine

This is my audio responsive 2D drawing machine, made with goal of creating automated art through live interactivity between 3D printer and environment. IIt is powered by custom Processing code (Java based), live gCode production, and a Lulzbot TAZ 4 3D printer. The normal plastic extruder has been replaced by a printed pen holder. This…

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MAX/MSP/Jitter Open Call: #MaxYourPatch

Join the challenge and share your best patch made with Max/MSP/Jitter
Deadline: 17.05.2020

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Postcards from Isolation

‘Postcards from Isolation’ is the outcome of a collaboration between sabato.studio, Anna, Lorenzo, Jacopo and designers and developers from all over the world. Together, we reflected on social and cultural shifts that are taking place as a consequence of our shared lockdown experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. At ‘isolation.is’ you can explore a collection of…

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Laser Microphone – Hear The Secret Sounds Of The Natural World

At every moment, we are surrounded by thousands of sounds too quiet to hear: bubbles in water, the movement of an insect’s legs, sand falling in an hourglass. Objects oscillating with undetectable amplitudes are creating symphonies all around us that we are deaf to. How can we tune into the secret sonic landscapes of the…

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Livegrid.tech – A digital painting

Livegrid is an ongoing project which involves using a widely available commercial technology and packaging it up into a user-friendly and affordably product. LED matrixes have been used for advertising and other large scale displays for years now but are out of reach for consumers who lack the know-how. By packaging the hardware into a…

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browser fingerprinting – re|thread

Are you unique on the internet? What’s left of you when you leave a web page? How entangled are you and your device? Is your browser in the artwork or is the artwork in your browser? On April 22 2020, we opened a browser-based, free, open software art exhibition on “browser fingerprinting”. The exhibition is…

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grindruberairbnb.exposed – Network and invisible systems of control

An exploratory project into networks’ ability to guide movement through physical space – the name concatenates three popular digital services which perform acts of choreography on a mass scale.

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KAZU “Come Behind Me, So Good!” – Music video by Daito Manabe + Kenichiro Shimizu

A collaboration between Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks) and Kenichiro Shimizu (PELE) for Kazu Makino, ‘Come Behind Me, So Good!’ music video combines photogrammetry and mixed reality to create a seamless dream-like landscape, invigorated by Elevenplay performance.

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Expressions – Paint and pixel matière at micro-scale

Created by Kynd in collaboration with Yu Miyashita (Sound), ‘Expressions’ is a series of artworks exploring the physicality of thick and bold paint-like dynamic constructs that emerge from illuminated digital space revealing an intricate play of shapes, light and shadow.

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burningcollection.tv is a generative artwork created by Swiss art collective Fragmentin in collaboration with artist Lauren Huret. This work is commissioned for the virtual space of the Jeu de Paume and is broadcast alongside the exhibition “Le Supermarché des images” from February 13 to June 7, 2020. Visitors to this website will be able to…

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Here is another use case of my Click Canvas project. Can an interactive wall that was intentional to be used for creativity being used for an interactive exercise game? This project was being developed to be exhibit in Bhiraj tower (luxury office rental in Bangkok) Christmas exhibition as a thank you gift for the rental.…

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Antivanity Mirror

The Antivanity Mirror by Neil Mendoza is a robotic mirror that won’t let you look at yourself.

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Wave Fragment | Studio Verena Bachl

Wave Fragment is a kinetic light sculpture that is in the ability to display wind-related flow fields by the reflection of light, inspired by the continuous movement of water.

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Avatar Mythology – Technology as metaphorical “alter-beings”

Created by LIMAGE, a collective comprised of media designers, 3d creators, artists and coders, ‘Avatar·Mythology’ is a performance drawing on the worldview of Shan Hai Jing (Classic of Mountains and Seas), a Chinese classic text of mythic geography and beasts.

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Passifolia — Lightscape / Soundscape

Passifolia is a collective experience, made-to-mesure for La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris and made up of 16 interactive modules organically set up in space.

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Vim by ONUT – Raising awareness about violence against women in the digital space

ONUT are Alix Martínez and Juan Real. Two Spanish multimedia artists and residents in London since 2012. With more than twenty years of experience in digital design, technology and innovation, ONUT is their vehicle to express reflections of the world we are living in while generating (self) reflection and critical thinking through art.Bringing alternative perspectives…

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Fallback – Alternative platform for real-time news during Internet shutdowns

Created by Khulood Alawadi, Yi-fan Hsieh, Bahareh Saboktakin and Qifan Zhao at the RCA (Design Engineering, Future Interaction, 2019), ‘Fallback’ is an alternative platform for providing access to real-time news during times of Internet shutdown.

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Beyond Smoke and Mirrors – Reflections on the ECAL Research Day 2019

In November 2019, CAN joined the biannual ECAL Research Day to find out how methodologies borrowed from science and engineering can strengthen creative practice—and drive the conversation.

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NØ SCHOOL NEVERS – JUNE 29TH TO JULY 11TH 2020 is a unique international summer school, held in Nevers, in Burgundy, aimed at students, artists, designers, makers, hackers, activists and educators who wish to further their skills and engage in critical research around the social and environmental impacts of information and communication technologies. During 2…

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The Welcome Chorus – The voice of a community

Created by Yuri Sizuki (Pentagram) in collaboration with Fish Fabrications and Counterpoint, ‘The Welcome Chorus’ is an interactive installation that brings together sound, sculpture and artificial intelligence.

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Flipdigits Player: Processing Tutorial

This tutorial introduces you to FLIPDIGITS PLAYER, an algorithm sequencer and a collection of demo animations for a flipdigits display, coded in Processing.

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