MAX/MSP/Jitter Open Call: #MaxYourPatch

Join the challenge and share your best patch made with Max/MSP/Jitter
Deadline: 17.05.2020

Rules to join the challenge:

  • Share a 1 minute video of your patch on your Instagram profile
  • .Mention @umanesimo.artificiale and use the hashtag #MaxYourPatch
  • Describe your patch and your creative process in as much detail as possible in the post description
  • Artists can share more than one patch

(The patch has to be visible, so if it’s not in the 1 minute video, please also include a screenshot of the patch in the post as a second image)

It’s up to you to decide what you want to share in the video, how much you want to share and how best to present your patch. You have 1 minute to convince the jury. Make the best use of your time.

Tom Hall (@tomhallsonics)
Maurizio Giri (@mauriziogiri)
Giorgio Sancristoforo (@giorgiosancristoforo)
Federico Foderaro (@federicofoderaro)
Sarah Belle Reid (@sarahbellereid)
Creative Coding Utrecht (@creativecodingutrecht)
Wesa Seoul (@wesa.seoul)

Prize for the winners:
The intent of the challenge is community building and knowledge sharing. Every member of the jury will select his/her best patch. The artists selected will be rewarded with a one-hour online mentorship with the member of the jury who selected them + learning resources (to be communicated to the artists selected).

During the challenge all videos will be reposted on our stories.
Videos of the winners will be shared on our social media accounts.
The winners will be invited to make a 20 minutes video of their patch (coded from scratch) to be shared and archived on our channels.

Code your best & good luck!