Tiny Movies – Between perception and cognition

Created by Nuntinee Tansrisakul, ‘Tiny Movies‘ (Desktop Installation) is a series of moving visual compositions that walks the thin line between our perception and our cognition; what we see versus what we think we see. With the point of view of at least 80 meters above and parallel to the ground, our visual construct is challenged. 

Offleash Hour: an interchangeable view of figures and shadows
Sled: a surreal drop motion on a white surface
Shadow Walk: shadows stretch and contract in a matter of seconds as if the video is a timelapse 
Hudson: a seemingly flat and toy-like image comes alive through motion

Each installation comprises remixed aerial video footage with algorithmically manipulated visual composition (coordinates), timing (frame rate), and sequence (timing of selected events). The installations are built using Javascript.

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