FoodLovers by ONUT

FoodLovers is a collection of 595 images showing 85 recipes from 21 countries. This project began the same day the Russo-Ukrainian war started. It is a call to action.

We want to send a message of optimism to the world. We reflected on: What’s one thing that unites people no matter their beliefs? Anything that brings joy & celebrated in every culture? Food! The world loves food! So do we! We will donate all funds collected to the SERHIY PRYTULA Charity Foundation. They provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians affected by the war.

All the images in this project have been generated in a computational way. Automated with specific Python algorithms.

Every image is a result of a Python script. This reads a JSON file that includes all recipes. Every recipe is composed of its 6 main ingredients. For each ingredient, we sourced photographs to use later in the script. The algorithm generates multiple images per recipe, using 7 different Art Deco patterns. These patterns were designed bespoke for this project. Our interpretation of Art Decó motives around the world, from Shanghai to Los Angeles, passing through London. Each pattern has been mapped to a selection of colors. Then we swapped each color for the selected ingredients photographs. The process runs automatically & repeats 7 times per all 85 recipes used within the project. With an end result of 595 unique images.

All python scripting is bespoke for this project. However, we used libraries for image manipulation and JSON handling. For the creation of the Art Deco patterns, we sourced historical archives offline in history books, travel photographs, and online sources like All Art Deco patterns were designed in a vector format with an interface design tool. For sourcing ingredient images, we used a stock image library and our own sources.

The end result of 595 images paired with metadata: type of cuisine, recipe, country, ingredients, and a rhyme. This is an important piece of this artwork: the rhymes attached to each image. The content & composition for each rhyme (attached to each recipe) mixes concepts like capitalism, politics & technology concepts. Images & metadata are available in the OpenSea collection here.

Who’s behind FoodLovers?

Created by ONUT. ONUT is the collaborative effort of 2 Spanish multimedia artists based in Amsterdam: Alix Martínez & Juan Real. Through our Art, we want to send a message of optimism to the world. & invite our audiences to reflect on different topics related to the world we live in.

ONUT is our vehicle to express reflections of the world while generating (self) reflection as you can read in our Manifesto. Proposing alternative perspectives to our audiences. We would love to hear from you! To know what you think about this project, to jump in a call & talk about art, to learn from each other, or why not? To collaborate in a future art project together mixing Art & Technology.

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Peace & Art

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