We are a community of creative practitioners working at the intersection of art, media and technology and we need your help!

Since 2008, CAN has been at the forefront of innovation—facilitating and driving the conversations about technology, society and critical making. It has played an important role in uncovering and contextualising noteworthy work, featured on the festival and gallery circuit or developed as academic research. From online/offline publications to live events, CAN’s initiatives have played an instrumental in shaping the innovative creative practices we know today.

How do we get by?

We almost entirely rely on memberships on the site. With over 1,500 members this helps us ‘keep the lights on’. There are also occasional ads, purchased by educational organisation to promote courses. Our current income is enough for one person on the team (2 days/week) and pays for hosting and a number of other services required to provide core features. We also have over 400 educational members and provide free access to over 5,000 students worldwide.

Research (35%), Editorial (25%), Dev (15%), Admin (15%), Server (7.5%), Fees (2%), Services (0.5%)

Why donate?

Your donations will allow CAN team to spend more time researching and writing, focusing on the site, related educational initiatives and ensures we can keep the site as accessible and ad-free as possible. We want the team to grow, pay our writers and bring new features to the site. Above all, we hope you will donate because you think CreativeApplications.Net is worth keeping around, for years to come.

How can I donate?

Many use PayPal and it is the easiest way to donate. We accept many currencies but you do need a PayPal account to make a donation. Once you have made a donation, we will get in touch with you to thank you.

We accept all major cryptocurrencies thanks to Coinbase. We do not collect any personal information so we would love to hear from at info [at] creativeapplications.net once you have donated.

To donate ꜩ (tezos), use creativeapps.tez

Thank you!

With a big warm heart, from everyone on the team, we thank you for your support! ♥︎