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483 Lines Second Edition – Kimchi and Chips / ACT Festival 2015

Kimchi and Chips have just released a video of their 483 Lines Second Edition exhibited at the Asian Cultural Centre (ACC) last year and presented during the first edition of ACT Festival curated and co-organised by HOLO/CreativeApplications.Net team.

Two scenes of kevlar rope face one another tensioned to 5000kg. The audience is presented with highly parallel lines which contrast the darker space, building panoramic moire patterns. Video projection is used to address each line with digital pixels, activating visual matter within the volume of string. This second edition of the 483 Lines was commissioned by the ACT Festival, Gwangju 2015, continuing to celebrate and interpret the non-constructive aspects of the NTSC television format.

Created using a mix of openFrameworks, Rulr, Adobe tools and VVVV for playback. The algorithm for plotting the strings relative to the projectors is performed in c++ / openFrameworks. Rulr is used for calibrating the projectors in the space (written in openFrameworks) and vvvv is used to spatialise the content. The projected content is linear time based, and is cut in Adobe Premiere.

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Commissioned by Asian Cultural Centre, Gwangju / Curated by HOLO  / Sound design by Junghoon Pi  / Videography by Kimchi and Chips / Thanks to Soyoung Lee, Yoona Yang

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